Man pages for R.batch
Methods to run batch jobs in R

1._Useful_scripts1. Useful scripts
as.character.JobGets a character string representation of the job
as.character.JobBatchGets a character string representation of the job batch
checkRequirements.JobBatchChecks that requirements are fulfilled or not
clean.JobBatchCleans up among jobs in this JobBatch
copyFrom.JobBatchCopies a job batch directory into this one
createStub.JobBatchCreates a jobs directory structure stub
equals.JobChecks if this job equals another
finalize.JobFinalizes job
findJobs.JobBatchSearches by name for Job:s in this JobBatch
getDirectory.JobBatchGets a subdirectory of the job batch
getInputPath.JobGets the input path of the job
getLabel.JobGets the label of the job
getName.JobGets the name of the job
getNextJob.JobBatchGets next non-locked job
getOutputPath.JobGets the output path of the job
getPath.JobGets the path to the job
getRoot.JobBatchGets the root path of the job batch
getRunAndFinishJob.JobBatchGets an non-locked job, process it and moves it to a final...
getStatus.JobGets the status of the job
getSummary.JobBatchGets a summary of the jobs directory
hasFailed.JobChecks if the job failed
hasStoredImage.JobChecks if a stored job image exists
isDone.JobChecks if the job is done
isErroneous.JobChecks if the job is erroneous
isExisting.JobChecks if the job exists
isLocked.JobChecks if a job is locked
isSinked.JobChecks if job output is sinked to file
isStarted.JobChecks if the job is started or not
JobClass representing a batch job
JobBatchClass representing a batch job
loadStoredImage.JobReload a stored job image
lock.JobLocks the job
main.JobBatchStatic method to be called from the command line
moveJobTo.JobBatchMoves the job to another directory
Non-documented_objectsNon-documented objects
print.JobBatchPrints a summary of the jobs directory
R.batch-packagePackage R.batch
removeStoredImage.JobRemoves stored job image
resetJobs.JobBatchResets Jobs in the job batch
resetLog.JobReset log by removing log file
run.JobRuns the job
run.JobBatchProcess some or all jobs available
saveImage.JobSave an image of the job
setLabel.JobSets the label of the job
setStatus.JobSets the status of the job
setupDemo.JobBatchStatic method to setup a demo job batch directory structure
setup.JobInitiates the job
showWarnings.JobDisplays warning generated while running this job
sink.JobSinks job output
sourceHotCode.JobSources and removes code in the hot/ and src/hot/ directories
unlock.JobUnlocks the job
unsink.JobUnsinks job output
validate.JobBatchValidates the job batch
wasInterrupted.JobChecks if the job was interrupted
wasSuccessful.JobChecks if the job was completed successfully
writeToLog.JobWrites to log file
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