RBigQuery: BigQuery for R

R interface for Google BigQuery

AuthorDavid Xiao <dxiao@csail.mit.edu>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerDavid Xiao <dxiao@csail.mit.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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BigQuery Man page
BQConnection-class Man page
bqDescribeTable Man page
BQDriver-class Man page
BQObject-class Man page
BQResult-class Man page
dbClearResult,BQResult-method Man page
dbColumnInfo,BQResult-method Man page
dbConnect,BQConnection-method Man page
dbConnect,BQDriver-method Man page
dbConnect-methods Man page
dbDisconnect,BQConnection-method Man page
dbDriver,character-method Man page
dbDriver-methods Man page
dbGetException,BQConnection-method Man page
dbGetInfo,BQConnection-method Man page
dbGetInfo,BQDriver-method Man page
dbGetInfo,BQResult-method Man page
dbGetInfo-methods Man page
dbGetQuery,BQConnection,character-method Man page
dbGetQuery-methods Man page
dbGetStatement,BQResult-method Man page
dbListConnections,BQDriver-method Man page
dbListConnections-methods Man page
dbListFields,BQConnection,character-method Man page
dbListFields,BQConnection-method Man page
dbListFields-methods Man page
dbListResults,BQConnection-method Man page
dbReadTable,BQConnection,character-method Man page
dbReadTable-methods Man page
dbSendQuery,BQConnection,character-method Man page
dbSendQuery-methods Man page
fetch,BQResult,missing-method Man page
fetch,BQResult,numeric-method Man page
fetch-methods Man page
RBigQuery Man page
RBigQuery-package Man page
summary,BQConnection-method Man page
summary,BQDriver-method Man page
summary,BQResult-method Man page
summary-methods Man page

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