Man pages for RBigQuery
BigQuery for R

BigQueryCreates a BigQuery driver.
BQConnection-classClass "BQConnection"
bqDescribeTableGet table metadata from remote server.
BQDriver-classClass "BQDriver"
BQObject-classClass "BQObject"
BQResult-classClass "BQResult"
dbConnect-methodsConnect to the BigQuery server
dbDriver-methodsconstructs the DBI driver
dbGetInfo-methodsInformation about a BQObject
dbGetQuery-methodsquery and return
dbListConnections-methodsList open connections
dbListFields-methodsLists table column names
dbReadTable-methodsQuery all columns of a table
dbSendQuery-methodsQuery the database
fetch-methodsFetch data out of an BQResult object
RBigQuery-packageBigQuery for R
summary-methodspretty-print object information
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