REddyProc-package: Data processing and plotting utilities of (half-)hourly...

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R eddy processing package with MDS gap filling algorithm, adopted after PV-Wave source code from Markus Reichstein.

The official R-Forge site of this package is here: url

A general description and an online tool based on this package can be found here:


A first overview of the REddyProc functions:

A detailed example of the processing can be found under sEddyProc.example.

These functions help with the preparation of your data for the analysis:

Then the data can be processed in an R5 reference class framework:

Before or after processing, the data can be plotted:

A complete list of REddyProc functions be viewed by clicking on the Index link at the bottom of this help page.

Also have a look at the package vignettes: get a list with vignette(package = "REddyProc"), view with vignette("DEGebExample").


Department for Biogeochemical Integration at MPI-BGC, Jena, Germany


Reichstein M, Falge E, Baldocchi D et al. (2005) On the separation of net ecosystem exchange into assimilation and ecosystem respiration: review and improved algorithm. Global Change Biology, 11, 1424-1439.


#+++ Detailed example code can be found here:

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