Man pages for RHydro
Classes and methods for hydrological modelling and analysis

abcThe simple abc hydrological Model
baseflow_sepBaseflow separation
data.huagrahumaHydrological dataset to run TOPMODEL
data.huagrahuma.demDEM of the Huagrahuma catchment, Ecuador
eval.NSeffCalculation of the Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency
fuserouting.simImplementation of the framework for hydrological modelling...
fusesma.simImplementation of the framework for hydrological modelling...
hbvhbv - simulation using hydrological model HBV
hydro_metricsVarious streamflow (and rainfall)-based metrics.
HydroModelCreate a HydroModel
HydroModelParameters-classClass "HydroModelParameters"
HydroRun-classClass "HydroRun" and "HydroModel" (to be merged)
HydroRun.detailsExtract details from HydroRun object
HydroTopmodelParameters-classClass "HydroTopmodelParameters"
long.wave.radiation.balanceestimate long wave radiation balance for snow
modlistList of model structures as per Clark et al., 2011
mopexHydrological dataset to run FUSE
perfindicesCalculate 10 indices
plot_rainfall.runoffMake rainfall runoff plot
remove_plateausRemove sensor-caused plateaus (steps) in hydrographs. for default data types for the RHydro package
sat.vap.presCalcualte the saturated vapour pressure from the temperature.
topidxCalculation of the topographic index from a DEM raster
topidx.classesmake topographic index classes from a topographic index map
topmodelImplementation of the hydrological model TOPMODEL hydrograph linear storage cascade data type definition WaSiM data for a model run
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