Man pages for SRS
Subject Randomization System

ClinicalExperimentClinicalExperiment constructor function
ClinicalExperiment-classClass "ClinicalExperiment"
computeImbalancesA function to compute imbalances resulting from assigning...
computeImbalances-methodsMethods for Function computeImbalances
computeOverallImbalanceA function to compute overall imbalances for each treatment
is.ClinicalExperimentChecks if an object a ClinicalExperiment object
lastRandomizationA function to return details of the last randomized subject
PocockSimonRandomizer-classClass "PocockSimonRandomizer"
PRS-packageRandomized patients based on Pocock-Simon minimization method
randomizeA function to randomize a new subject
randomize-methodsMethods for Function randomize
stateTable_-A function to change the state of a Randomizer
tr.assignments_-A function to set the treatment assigments slot
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