Man pages for SciencePo
Political Behaviour Analysis Tool

accentRemove Accent Marks
anonymizeTo Make Anonymous a Data Frame
beta.coefStandardized Beta Coefficients
bhodrick93Bekaert's and Hodrick's (1993) Data
cgreene76Christensen's and Greene's (1976) Data
cvComputes Pearson's coefficient of variation
detailDescriptive Statistics Table
galtonGalton's Family Data on Human Stature.
get.ciSimulation of Confidence Intervals
get.ipcComputes the Intra-party Competition Index
get.polyGet Polygons from a Shapefile
griliches76Griliches's (1976) Data
gsrGlobal Search and Replace
kurtosisComputes the Kurtosis
lsqLatin Square
ltaylor96Lothian's and Taylor's (1996) Data Set
mishkin92Mishkin's (1992) Data
nerlove63Marc Nerlove's (1963) data
outliersDetection of Outliers
outtagsRemove String Tags
rescaleRescaling as Z-scores and Centering
rprobProduces Pairwise Correlation and its Probability
rstackProduces a Stacked Table With Correlations
SciencePo-packagePolitical Behaviour Analysis Tool
seStandard Error
sheston91The Penn World Table
shiftLag and Lead Observations
skewnessTest for Skewness
soundexBRSoundex Encoding For Portuguese BR
soundexESSpanish Soundex Encoding
soundexFRFrench Soundex Encoding
swatson93Stock's and Watson's (1993) Data.
tableauProportion Table for Univariate Analysis
tolatexGenerate Latex Code
winsor.meanWinsorized Mean
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