SensoMineR: Sensory data analysis with R

an R package for analysing sensory data

AuthorFrancois Husson, Sebastien Le, Marine Cadoret
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerFrancois Husson <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ardi: Automatic Research of DIvergences between scores

averagetable: Computes a (products,descriptors) matrix

barrow: Barplot per row with respect to a set of quantitative...

boot: Simulate virtual panels for several functions

boxprod: Boxplot per category with respect to a categorical variable...

calculate.average: Calcul de moyenne

carto: Preference Mapping Techniques

cartoconsumer: Preference Mapping Techniques and segmentation of consumers

chocolates: Chocolates data

cocktail: Cocktail data

coltable: Color the cells of a data frame according to 4 threshold...

compo.cocktail: Composition of the cocktails data

construct.axes: Coordinates of individuals and illustrative individuals for...

cpa: Consumers' Preferences Analysis

decat: DEscription of CATegories

fasnt: Factorial Approach for Sorting Napping Task data

fast: Factorial Approach for Sorting Task data

fcp: Free choice profiling

graphinter: Graphical display of the interaction between two qualitative...

hedochoc: Chocolates hedonic scores

hedo.cocktail: Cocktails hedonic scores

histprod: Histogram for each descriptor

indscal: Construct the Indscal model for Napping data type

interact: Estimation of interaction coefficients

magicsort: Returns a sorted data matrix

nappeplot: Plot panelists' tableclothe

nappesortplot: Plot consumers' sorted tablecloth

napping: Napping data

napping.don: An example of Napping data

napping.words: An example of "illustrative" variables to enhance results...

optimaldesign: Construction of an optimal design

paneliperf: Panelists' performance according to their capabilities to...

panellipse: Confidence ellipses around products based on panelists...

panellipse.session: Repetability of panelists descriptions studied by confidence...

panelmatch: Confidence ellipses around products based on panel...

panelperf: Panel's performance according to its capabilities to...

perfume: Perfume

perfume_fcp: Perfume data obtained by free choice profiling

plotellipse: Plot confidence ellipses

plotellipseinter: Plotellipseinter

plotellipseinterhmfa: Plotellipseinterhmfa

plot.fasnt: Make Factorial Approach for Sorting Napping Task data (FASNT)... Make Factorial Approach for Sorting Task data (FAST) graphs

plotpanelist: Plotpanelist

pmfa: Procrustean Multiple Factor Analysis (PMFA)

print.fasnt: Print Factorial Approach for Sorting Napping Task data... Print Factorial Approach for Sorting Task data (FAST) results

scalebypanelist: Scale by panelist

search.desc: Search for discriminating descriptors

sensochoc: Sensory data for 6 chocolates

senso.cocktail: Sensory data for 16 cocktails

sensopanels: Sensory profiles given by 7 panels

simulation: Simulate virtual panels

smoothies: Smoothies Construct a design for triangle tests

triangle.pair.test: Make a Triangle test for two products

triangle.test: Make a Triangle test for a set of products


ardi Man page
averagetable Man page
barrow Man page
boot Man page
boxprod Man page
calculate.average Man page
carto Man page
cartoconsumer Man page
chocolates Man page
cocktail Man page
coltable Man page
compo.cocktail Man page
construct.axes Man page
cpa Man page
decat Man page
fasnt Man page
fast Man page
fcp Man page
graphinter Man page
hedochoc Man page
hedo.cocktail Man page
histprod Man page
indscal Man page
interact Man page
magicsort Man page
nappeplot Man page
nappesortplot Man page
napping Man page
napping.don Man page
napping.words Man page
optimaldesign Man page
paneliperf Man page
panellipse Man page
panellipse.session Man page
panelmatch Man page
panelperf Man page
perfume Man page
perfume_fcp Man page
plotellipse Man page
plotellipseinter Man page
plotellipseinterhmfa Man page
plot.fasnt Man page Man page
plotpanelist Man page
pmfa Man page
print.fasnt Man page Man page
scalebypanelist Man page
search.desc Man page
sensochoc Man page
senso.cocktail Man page
sensopanels Man page
simulation Man page
smoothies Man page Man page
triangle.pair.test Man page
triangle.test Man page


R/panelmatch.R R/print.fasnt.R R/simulation.R R/fast.R R/ R/boot.r R/histprod.R R/cpa.R R/graphinter.R R/paneliperf.R R/magicsort.R R/search.desc.R R/fasnt.R R/nappeplot.R R/plot.fasnt.R R/carto.R R/optimaldesign.R R/indscal.R R/calculate.average.R R/scalebypanelist.R R/nappesortplot.R R/pmfa.R R/plotpanelist.R R/triangle.pair.test.R R/panelperf.R R/triangle.test.R R/plot.partial.R R/ R/plotellipseinter.R R/print.fahst.r R/plotellipseinterhmfa.R R/fahst.r R/plot.fahst.r R/ R/construct.axes.R R/boxprod.R R/ardi.R R/panellipse.r R/plotellipse.R R/decat.R R/panellipse.session.R R/interact.R R/averagetable.R R/barrow.R R/coltable.R R/hsortplot.R R/coltable2.R R/fcp.R R/cartoconsumer.R
man/interact.Rd man/hedo.cocktail.Rd man/indscal.Rd man/plotpanelist.Rd man/ man/napping.don.Rd man/nappesortplot.Rd man/napping.words.Rd
man/chocolates.Rd man/fcp.Rd man/cocktail.Rd man/perfume.Rd man/decat.Rd man/plotellipseinterhmfa.Rd
man/print.fasnt.Rd man/cpa.Rd man/magicsort.Rd
man/boot.Rd man/pmfa.Rd man/ man/perfume_fcp.Rd man/smoothies.Rd man/fasnt.Rd man/boxprod.Rd man/ man/panellipse.Rd man/scalebypanelist.Rd man/nappeplot.Rd man/panellipse.session.Rd man/cartoconsumer.Rd man/triangle.pair.test.Rd man/triangle.test.Rd man/senso.cocktail.Rd man/histprod.Rd man/coltable.Rd man/search.desc.Rd man/sensopanels.Rd man/compo.cocktail.Rd man/plotellipseinter.Rd man/panelmatch.Rd man/calculate.average.Rd man/graphinter.Rd man/ardi.Rd man/simulation.Rd man/hedochoc.Rd man/paneliperf.Rd man/plotellipse.Rd man/fast.Rd man/panelperf.Rd man/plot.fasnt.Rd man/averagetable.Rd man/barrow.Rd
man/sensochoc.Rd man/carto.Rd man/optimaldesign.Rd
man/napping.Rd man/construct.axes.Rd

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