SoilR: Models of Soil Organic Matter Decomposition

Functions for modeling Soil Organic Matter decomposition in terrestrial ecosystems with linear and nonlinear models.

AuthorCarlos A. Sierra, Markus Mueller
Date of publication2016-07-25 20:03:57
MaintainerMarkus Mueller <>

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Man pages

1: Converts from Delta14C to Absolute Fraction Modern

10: ~~ Methods for Function 'availableParticleProperties' ~~

100: ~~ Methods for Function 'getAccumulatedRelease' ~~

101: Calculates the accumulated carbon release from the pools as a...

102: getC14 method Model 14

103: ~~ Methods for Function 'getC14' ~~

104: Calculates the mass of radiocarbon (14C fraction times C...

105: getC method Model

106: ~~ Methods for Function 'getC' ~~

107: Calculates the C content of the pools

108: ~~ Methods for Function 'getCumulativeC' ~~

109: ~~ Methods for Function 'getDecompOp' ~~

11: ~~ Methods for Function 'availableParticleSets' ~~

110: ~~ Methods for Function 'getDotOut' ~~

111: read access to the models F14C variable

112: ~~ Methods for Function 'getF14C' ~~

113: Calculates the average radiocarbon fraction weighted by the...

114: radiocarbon

115: ~~ Methods for Function 'getF14' ~~

116: Calculates the 14C fraction of all pools

117: average radiocarbon fraction weighted by carbonrelease

118: ~~ Methods for Function 'getF14R' ~~

119: Calculates the average radiocarbon fraction weighted by the...

12: ~~ Methods for Function 'availableResidentSets' ~~

120: extract the format string

121: ~~ Methods for Function 'getFormat' ~~

122: creates a constant timedependent function and returns it

123: getFunctionDefinition method DecompositionOperator

124: ~~ Methods for Function 'getFunctionDefinition' ~~

125: getFunctionDefinition method TimeMap

126: getFunctionDefinition

127: ~~ Methods for Function 'getInFluxes' ~~

128: ~~ Methods for Function 'getInitialValues' ~~

129: compute the mean transit time

13: Implementation of the microbial model AWB (Allison,...

130: ~~ Methods for Function 'getMeanTransitTime' ~~

131: Access to the mean transit time

132: ~~ Methods for Function 'getNumberOfPools' ~~

133: ~~ Methods for Function 'getOutputFluxes' ~~

134: ~~ Methods for Function 'getOutputReceivers' ~~

135: ~~ Methods for Function 'getParticleMonteCarloSimulator' ~~

136: 14C respiration rate for all pools

137: ~~ Methods for Function 'getReleaseFlux14' ~~

138: Calculates the mass of radiocarbon in the release flux (14C...

139: get the release rate for all pools

14: Implementation of the microbial model Bacwave (bacterial...

140: ~~ Methods for Function 'getReleaseFlux' ~~

141: Calculates the release of C from each pool

142: return an (infinite) time range since the operator is...

143: ask for the boundaries of the underlying time interval

144: ~~ Methods for Function 'getTimeRange' ~~

145: ask for the boundaries of the underlying time interval

146: getTimeRange

147: getTimes method Model

148: ~~ Methods for Function 'getTimes' ~~

149: Extracts the times argument

15: Binding of pre- and post-bomb Delta14C curves

150: ~~ Methods for Function 'getTransferCoefficients' ~~

151: ~~ Methods for Function 'getTransferMatrix' ~~

152: compute the TransitTimeDistributionDensity

153: ~~ Methods for Function 'getTransitTimeDistributionDensity'...

154: methods for transit time distributions

155: ~~ Methods for Function 'getValues' ~~

156: Delta14C in soil CO2 efflux from Harvard Forest

157: Atmospheric radiocarbon for the period 1950-2010 from Hua et...

158: Implementation of the Introductory Carbon Balance Model...

159: Class '"InFlux"'

16: Class '"BoundFc"'

160: pass through constructor

161: ~~ Methods for Function 'InFlux' ~~

162: create a BoundInFlux from a TimeMap object

163: internal constructor (new)

164: internal constructor

165: initialize called by (new)

166: An internal constructor for 'Model_14' objects not...

167: internal constructor for Model objects

168: ~~ Methods for Function 'initialize' ~~

169: initialize called by (new)

17: constructor

170: Northern Hemisphere atmospheric radiocarbon for the pre-bomb...

171: Atmospheric radiocarbon for the 0-50,000 yr BP period

172: Add lines with the output of 'getC14', 'getC', or...

173: Class '"Model_14"'

174: ~~ Methods for Function 'Model_14' ~~

175: A general constructor

176: Class '"Model"'

177: general constructor for class Model

178: ~~ Methods for Function 'Model' ~~

179: A general constructor

18: constructor

180: Implementation of a one-pool C14 model

181: Implementation of a one pool model

182: ParallelModel

183: Plots the output of 'getF14' for each pool over time

184: Plots the output of 'getC' or 'getReleaseFlux' for each pool...

185: not yet implemented method to plot an overview of several...

186: ~~ Methods for Function 'plot' ~~

187: not yet implemented method to print an overview of several...

188: ~~ Methods for Function 'print' ~~

189: helper function to compute respiration coefficients

19: constructor

190: Implementation of the RothCModel

191: General m-pool linear C14 model with series structure

192: General m-pool linear model with series structure

193: show method Model

194: ~~ Methods for Function 'show' ~~

195: Models of Soil Organic Matter Decomposition

196: summary method Model

197: ~~ Methods for Function 'summary' ~~

198: System and pool age for compartment models

199: Implementation of a 6-pool Michaelis-Menten model

2: Converts from Delta14C to Absolute Fraction Modern

20: constructor

200: Implementation of a three-pool C14 model with feedback...

201: Implementation of a three pool model with feedback structure

202: Implementation of a three-pool C14 model with parallel...

203: Implementation of a three pool model with parallel structure

204: Implementation of a three-pool C14 model with series...

205: Implementation of a three pool model with series structure

206: Class '"TimeMap"'

207: TimeMap from Dataframe

208: constructor

209: constructor

21: constructor

210: ~~ Methods for Function 'TimeMap' ~~

211: deprecated constructor of the class TimeMap.

212: generic constructor

213: Transit times for compartment models

214: Estimation of the turnover time from a soil radiocarbon...

215: Implementation of a two-pool C14 model with feedback...

216: Implementation of a two pool model with feedback structure

217: Implementation of a two-pool Michaelis-Menten model

218: Implementation of a two-pool C14 model with parallel...

219: Implementation of a linear two pool model with parallel...

22: constructor

220: Implementation of a two-pool C14 model with series structure

221: Implementation of a two pool model with series structure

222: Implementation of the Yasso07 model

223: Implementation of the Yasso model.

224: (experimenta) partially overload [ ] for models

225: ~~ Methods for Function '[' ~~

226: ~~ Methods for Function '[[<-' ~~

227: ~~ Methods for Function '[[' ~~

228: ~~ Methods for Function '$' ~~

23: ~~ Methods for Function 'BoundFc' ~~

24: generic constructor

25: Class '"BoundInFlux"'

26: constructor

27: constructor

28: constructor

29: constructor

3: ~~ Methods for Function...

30: ~~ Methods for Function 'BoundInFlux' ~~

31: convert to BoundInFlux

32: generic constructor

33: Class '"BoundLinDecompOp"'

34: convert a ConstLinDecompOp to a BoundLinDecompOp

35: a constructor

36: a constructor

37: ~~ Methods for Function 'BoundLinDecompOp' ~~

38: create a BoundLinDecompOp from a TimeMap

39: Generic constructor

4: Converts its argument to an Absolute Fraction Modern...

40: Post-bomb atmospheric 14C fraction

41: Atmospheric 14C fraction

42: Implementation of the Century model

43: ~~ Methods for Function 'computeResults' ~~

44: creates an object containing the initial values for the 14C...

45: Class '"ConstLinDecompOp"'

46: construct from matric

47: ~~ Methods for Function 'ConstLinDecompOp' ~~

48: Generic constructor

49: Class '"DecompOp"'

5: convert to Absolute Fraction Normal values

50: pass through constructor

51: creates a ConstanDecompOp from a matrix

52: ~~ Methods for Function 'DecompOp' ~~

53: creates a BoundLinDecompOp from a TimeMap object

54: Class '"DecompositionOperator"'

55: Converts Absolute Fraction Modern values to Delta14C

56: Converts to Delta14C format

57: ~~ Methods for Function...

58: Converts its argument from an Absolute Fraction Modern to a...

59: convert to Absolute Fraction Normal values

6: ~~ Methods for Function 'AbsoluteFractionModern' ~~

60: ~~ Methods for Function 'Delta14C' ~~

61: deSolve lsoda wrapper

62: Soil CO2 efflux from an incubation experiment

63: ~~ Methods for Function 'fromDataFrame' ~~

64: assemble the objects components

65: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according the...

66: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according the...

67: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according the...

68: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according to...

69: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according to...

7: ~~ Methods for Function 'as.character' ~~

70: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according to...

71: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according to a...

72: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according to a...

73: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according to a...

74: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according to a...

75: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according to...

76: Effects of temperature on decomposition rates according to...

77: Effects of moisture on decomposition rates according to the...

78: Effects of moisture on decomposition rates according to the...

79: Effects of moisture on decomposition rates according to the...

8: convert TimeMap Objects to something printable.

80: Effects of moisture on decomposition rates according to the...

81: Effects of moisture on decomposition rates according to the...

82: Effects of moisture on decomposition rates according to the...

83: Effects of moisture on decomposition rates according to the...

84: Effects of moisture on decomposition rates according to the...

85: Effects of moisture on decomposition rates according to the...

86: Effects of moisture on decomposition rates according to the...

87: Implementation of a the six-pool C14 model proposed by...

88: a constructor for class Model

89: a constructor for class Model_14

9: creates a character representation of the object in question

90: a constructor for class Model <- 14

91: a constructor for class Model_ 14

92: a constructor for class Model

93: a constructor for class Model

94: ~~ Methods for Function 'GeneralModel_14' ~~

95: A general constructor

96: a constructor for class Model

97: ~~ Methods for Function 'GeneralModel' ~~

98: A general constructor

99: time integrals of release fluxes per pool

manMan/as.character: creates a character representation of the object in question

manMan/C14Atm: Atmospheric 14C fraction

manMan/C14Atm_NH: Post-bomb atmospheric 14C fraction

manMan/eCO2: Soil CO2 efflux from an incubation experiment

manMan/HarvardForest14CO2: Delta14C in soil CO2 efflux from Harvard Forest

manMan/Hua2013: Atmospheric radiocarbon for the period 1950-2010 from Hua et...

manMan/IntCal09: Northern Hemisphere atmospheric radiocarbon for the pre-bomb...

manMan/IntCal13: Atmospheric radiocarbon for the 0-50,000 yr BP period


AbsoluteFractionModern,BoundFc-method Man page
AbsoluteFractionModern,ConstFc-method Man page
AbsoluteFractionModern_from_Delta14C Man page
AbsoluteFractionModern_from_Delta14C,matrix-method Man page
AbsoluteFractionModern_from_Delta14C_method__matrix Man page
AbsoluteFractionModern_from_Delta14C_method__numeric Man page
AbsoluteFractionModern_from_Delta14C-methods Man page
AbsoluteFractionModern_from_Delta14C,numeric-method Man page
AbsoluteFractionModern_method__BoundFc Man page
AbsoluteFractionModern-methods Man page
as.character Man page
as.character,MCSim-method Man page
as.character-methods Man page
as.character_method__TimeMap Man page
as.character,TimeMap-method Man page
availableParticleProperties,MCSim-method Man page
availableParticleProperties-methods Man page
availableParticleSets,MCSim-method Man page
availableParticleSets-methods Man page
availableResidentSets,MCSim-method Man page
availableResidentSets-methods Man page
AWBmodel Man page
bacwaveModel Man page
bind.C14curves Man page
BoundFc Man page
BoundFc-class Man page
BoundFc,data.frame,missing,missing,missing,character,function-me Man page
BoundFc,data.frame,missing,missing,missing,character,missing-met Man page
BoundFc,data.frame,missing,missing,numeric,character,function-me Man page
BoundFc,data.frame,missing,missing,numeric,character,missing-met Man page
BoundFc,function,numeric,numeric,missing,character,missing-metho Man page
BoundFc,function,numeric,numeric,numeric,character,missing-metho Man page
BoundFc_method__data.frame_missing_missing_missing_character_fun Man page
BoundFc_method__data.frame_missing_missing_missing_character_mis Man page
BoundFc_method__data.frame_missing_missing_numeric_character_fun Man page
BoundFc_method__data.frame_missing_missing_numeric_character_mis Man page
BoundFc_method__function_numeric_numeric_missing_character_missi Man page
BoundFc_method__function_numeric_numeric_numeric_character_missi Man page
BoundFc-methods Man page
BoundInFlux Man page
BoundInFlux-class Man page
BoundInFlux,data.frame,missing,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
BoundInFlux,data.frame,missing,missing,numeric,function-method Man page
BoundInFlux,function,numeric,numeric,missing,missing-method Man page
BoundInFlux,function,numeric,numeric,numeric,missing-method Man page
BoundInFlux_method__data.frame_missing_missing_missing_missing Man page
BoundInFlux_method__data.frame_missing_missing_numeric_function Man page
BoundInFlux_method__function_numeric_numeric_missing_missing Man page
BoundInFlux_method__function_numeric_numeric_numeric_missing Man page
BoundInFlux-methods Man page
BoundInFlux_method__TimeMap_missing_missing_missing_missing Man page
BoundInFlux,TimeMap,missing,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
BoundLinDecompOp Man page
BoundLinDecompOp-class Man page
BoundLinDecompOp,ConstLinDecompOp,ANY,ANY-method Man page
BoundLinDecompOp,data.frame,missing,missing-method Man page
BoundLinDecompOp,function,numeric,numeric-method Man page
BoundLinDecompOp_method__ConstLinDecompOp Man page
BoundLinDecompOp_method__data.frame_missing_missing Man page
BoundLinDecompOp_method__function_numeric_numeric Man page
BoundLinDecompOp-methods Man page
BoundLinDecompOp_method__TimeMap_missing_missing Man page
BoundLinDecompOp,TimeMap,missing,missing-method Man page
C14Atm Man page
C14Atm_NH Man page
CenturyModel Man page
computeResults,MCSim-method Man page
computeResults-methods Man page
computeResults,NlModel-method Man page
ConstFc Man page
ConstLinDecompOp Man page
ConstLinDecompOp-class Man page
ConstLinDecompOp,matrix-method Man page
ConstLinDecompOp_method__matrix Man page
ConstLinDecompOp-methods Man page
DecompOp-class Man page
DecompOp,DecompOp-method Man page
DecompOp,matrix-method Man page
DecompOp_method__DecompOp Man page
DecompOp_method__matrix Man page
DecompOp-methods Man page
DecompOp_method__TimeMap Man page
DecompOp,TimeMap-method Man page
DecompositionOperator-class Man page
Delta14C,BoundFc-method Man page
Delta14C,ConstFc-method Man page
Delta14C_from_AbsoluteFractionModern Man page
Delta14C_from_AbsoluteFractionModern,matrix-method Man page
Delta14C_from_AbsoluteFractionModern_method__matrix Man page
Delta14C_from_AbsoluteFractionModern_method__numeric Man page
Delta14C_from_AbsoluteFractionModern-methods Man page
Delta14C_from_AbsoluteFractionModern,numeric-method Man page
Delta14C_method__BoundFc Man page
Delta14C-methods Man page
deSolve.lsoda.wrapper Man page
eCO2 Man page
fromDataFrame-methods Man page
fromDataFrame_method__TimeMap_data.frame Man page
fromDataFrame,TimeMap,data.frame-method Man page
fT.Arrhenius Man page
fT.Century1 Man page
fT.Century2 Man page
fT.Daycent1 Man page
fT.Daycent2 Man page
fT.Demeter Man page
fT.KB Man page
fT.LandT Man page
fT.linear Man page
fT.Q10 Man page
fT.RothC Man page
fT.Standcarb Man page
fW.Candy Man page
fW.Century Man page
fW.Daycent1 Man page
fW.Daycent2 Man page
fW.Demeter Man page
fW.Gompertz Man page
fW.Moyano Man page
fW.RothC Man page
fW.Skopp Man page
fW.Standcarb Man page
GaudinskiModel14 Man page
GeneralModel Man page
GeneralModel_14 Man page
GeneralModel_14_method__numeric_ANY_numeric_ANY_ANY_ANY_missing_ Man page
GeneralModel_14_method__numeric_ANY_numeric_ANY_ANY_missing_ANY_ Man page
GeneralModel_14-methods Man page
GeneralModel_14,numeric,ANY,numeric,ANY,ANY,ANY,missing,missing, Man page
GeneralModel_14,numeric,ANY,numeric,ANY,ANY,ANY,missing,numeric, Man page
GeneralModel_14,numeric,ANY,numeric,ANY,ANY,missing,ANY,numeric, Man page
GeneralModel_method__numeric_ANY_numeric Man page
GeneralModel-methods Man page
GeneralModel,numeric,ANY,numeric-method Man page
getAccumulatedRelease Man page
getAccumulatedRelease_method__Model Man page
getAccumulatedRelease-methods Man page
getAccumulatedRelease,Model-method Man page
getC Man page
getC14 Man page
getC14_method__Model_14 Man page
getC14-methods Man page
getC14,Model_14-method Man page
getC_method__Model Man page
getC-methods Man page
getC,Model-method Man page
getC,NlModel-method Man page
getCumulativeC-methods Man page
getCumulativeC,NlModel-method Man page
getDecompOp-methods Man page
getDecompOp,NlModel-method Man page
getDotOut-methods Man page
getDotOut,TransportDecompositionOperator-method Man page
getF14 Man page
getF14C Man page
getF14C_method__Model_14 Man page
getF14C-methods Man page
getF14C,Model_14-method Man page
getF14_method__Model_14 Man page
getF14-methods Man page
getF14,Model_14-method Man page
getF14R Man page
getF14R_method__Model_14 Man page
getF14R-methods Man page
getF14R,Model_14-method Man page
getFormat,BoundFc-method Man page
getFormat,ConstFc-method Man page
getFormat_method__BoundFc Man page
getFormat-methods Man page
getFunctionDefinition Man page
getFunctionDefinition,ConstLinDecompOp-method Man page
getFunctionDefinition,DecompositionOperator-method Man page
getFunctionDefinition_method__ConstLinDecompOp Man page
getFunctionDefinition_method__DecompositionOperator Man page
getFunctionDefinition-methods Man page
getFunctionDefinition_method__TimeMap Man page
getFunctionDefinition,TimeMap-method Man page
getFunctionDefinition,TransportDecompositionOperator-method Man page
getInFluxes-methods Man page
getInFluxes,NlModel-method Man page
getInitialValues-methods Man page
getInitialValues,NlModel-method Man page
getMeanTransitTime Man page
getMeanTransitTime,ConstLinDecompOp-method Man page
getMeanTransitTime_method__ConstLinDecompOp Man page
getMeanTransitTime-methods Man page
getNumberOfPools,MCSim-method Man page
getNumberOfPools-methods Man page
getNumberOfPools,NlModel-method Man page
getNumberOfPools,TransportDecompositionOperator-method Man page
getOutputFluxes-methods Man page
getOutputFluxes,NlModel-method Man page
getOutputReceivers-methods Man page
getOutputReceivers,TransportDecompositionOperator,numeric-method Man page
getParticleMonteCarloSimulator-methods Man page
getParticleMonteCarloSimulator,NlModel-method Man page
getReleaseFlux Man page
getReleaseFlux14 Man page
getReleaseFlux14_method__Model_14 Man page
getReleaseFlux14-methods Man page
getReleaseFlux14,Model_14-method Man page
getReleaseFlux_method__Model Man page
getReleaseFlux-methods Man page
getReleaseFlux,Model-method Man page
getReleaseFlux,NlModel-method Man page
getTimeRange Man page
getTimeRange,ConstLinDecompOp-method Man page
getTimeRange,DecompositionOperator-method Man page
getTimeRange_method__ConstLinDecompOp Man page
getTimeRange_method__DecompositionOperator Man page
getTimeRange-methods Man page
getTimeRange_method__TimeMap Man page
getTimeRange,TimeMap-method Man page
getTimes Man page
getTimes_method__Model Man page
getTimes-methods Man page
getTimes,Model-method Man page
getTimes,NlModel-method Man page
getTransferCoefficients-methods Man page
getTransferCoefficients,NlModel-method Man page
getTransferCoefficients,TransportDecompositionOperator-method Man page
getTransferMatrix-methods Man page
getTransferMatrix,TransportDecompositionOperator-method Man page
getTransitTimeDistributionDensity Man page
getTransitTimeDistributionDensity,ConstLinDecompOp-method Man page
getTransitTimeDistributionDensity_method__ConstLinDecompOp Man page
getTransitTimeDistributionDensity-methods Man page
getValues,ConstFc-method Man page
getValues-methods Man page
HarvardForest14CO2 Man page
Hua2013 Man page
ICBMModel Man page
InFlux-class Man page
InFlux,InFlux-method Man page
InFlux_method__InFlux Man page
InFlux-methods Man page
InFlux_method__TimeMap Man page
InFlux,TimeMap-method Man page
initialize,BoundFc-method Man page
initialize,ConstFc-method Man page
initialize,ConstLinDecompOp-method Man page
initialize,DecompositionOperator-method Man page
initialize,MCSim-method Man page
initialize_method__BoundFc Man page
initialize_method__ConstLinDecompOp Man page
initialize_method__DecompositionOperator Man page
initialize_method__Model Man page
initialize_method__Model_14 Man page
initialize-methods Man page
initialize_method__TimeMap Man page
initialize,Model_14-method Man page
initialize,Model-method Man page
initialize,NlModel-method Man page
initialize,TimeMap-method Man page
initialize,TransportDecompositionOperator-method Man page
IntCal09 Man page
IntCal13 Man page
linesCPool Man page
[[<-,MCSim-method Man page
[[,MCSim-method Man page
[_method__Model_character Man page
[-methods Man page
[[<--methods Man page
[[-methods Man page
$-methods Man page
Model Man page
Model_14 Man page
Model_14-class Man page
Model_14-methods Man page
Model_14,numeric,ANY,numeric,ConstFc,ANY,ANY,numeric,function,lo Man page
Model_14,numeric,ANY,numeric,ConstFc,ANY,ANY,numeric,missing,log Man page
[,Model,character,ANY,ANY-method Man page
Model-class Man page
Model_method__numeric_ANY_numeric Man page
Model-methods Man page
Model,numeric,ANY,numeric-method Man page
[,NlModel,character,ANY,ANY-method Man page
$,NlModel-method Man page
OnepModel Man page
OnepModel14 Man page
ParallelModel Man page
plot,ANY-method Man page
plotC14Pool Man page
plotCPool Man page
plot,MCSim-method Man page
plot_method__Model Man page
plot-methods Man page
plot,Model-method Man page
plot,NlModel-method Man page
print_method__Model Man page
print-methods Man page
print,Model-method Man page
print,NlModel-method Man page
RespirationCoefficients Man page
RothCModel Man page
SeriesLinearModel Man page
SeriesLinearModel14 Man page
show_method__Model Man page
show-methods Man page
show,Model-method Man page
show,NlModel-method Man page
SoilR Man page
SoilR-package Man page
summary_method__Model Man page
summary-methods Man page
summary,Model-method Man page
summary,NlModel-method Man page
systemAge Man page
ThreepairMMmodel Man page
ThreepFeedbackModel Man page
ThreepFeedbackModel14 Man page
ThreepParallelModel Man page
ThreepParallelModel14 Man page
ThreepSeriesModel Man page
ThreepSeriesModel14 Man page
TimeMap Man page
TimeMap-class Man page
TimeMap,data.frame,missing,missing-method Man page
TimeMap.from.Dataframe Man page
TimeMap,function,numeric,numeric-method Man page
TimeMap_method__data.frame_missing_missing Man page
TimeMap_method__function_numeric_numeric Man page
TimeMap-methods Man page Man page
transitTime Man page
turnoverFit Man page
TwopFeedbackModel Man page
TwopFeedbackModel14 Man page
TwopMMmodel Man page
TwopParallelModel Man page
TwopParallelModel14 Man page
TwopSeriesModel Man page
TwopSeriesModel14 Man page
Yasso07Model Man page
YassoModel Man page


R/1_GenericFunctions.R R/1_HelperFunctions.R R/1_TimeMap.R R/2_InFlux.R R/3_BoundInFlux.R R/3_RespirationCoefficients.R R/3_TransportDecompositionOperator.R R/3_deSolve.lsoda.wrapper.R R/4_NlModel.R R/4_SoilR.F0__deprecated_in_1.2.R R/5_MCSim.R R/6_DecopmOp.R R/7_BoundLinDecompOp.R R/7_DecompositionOperator_deprecated_in_1.2.R R/7_Model.R R/AWBmodel.R R/BoundFc.R R/CenturyModel.R R/ConstFc.R R/ConstantDecompositionOperator.R R/FcAtm_deprecated_in_1.2.R R/GaudinskiModel14.R R/GeneralModelMethods.R R/GeneralModel_14Methods.R R/GeneralNlModel.R R/ICBMModel.R R/MeanAge.R R/MeanTT.R R/Model_14.R R/NpYdot.R R/OnepModel.R R/OnepModel14.R R/ParallelModel.R R/RothCModel.R R/SeriesLinearModel.R R/SeriesLinearModel14.R R/SoilR.euler.R R/ThreepFeedbackModel.R R/ThreepFeedbackModel14.R R/ThreepParallelModel.R R/ThreepParallelModel14.R R/ThreepSeriesModel.R R/ThreepSeriesModel14.R R/ThreepairMMmodel.R R/TwopFeedbackModel.R R/TwopFeedbackModel14.R R/TwopMMmodel.R R/TwopParallelModel.R R/TwopParallelModel14.R R/TwopSeriesModel.R R/TwopSeriesModel14.R R/Yasso07Model.R R/YassoModel.R R/bacwaveModel.R R/bind.C14curves.R R/fT.Arrhenius.R R/fT.Century1.R R/fT.Century2.R R/fT.Daycent1.R R/fT.Daycent2.R R/fT.Demeter.R R/fT.KB.R R/fT.LandT.R R/fT.Q10.R R/fT.RothC.R R/fT.Standcarb.R R/fT.linear.R R/fW.Candy.R R/fW.Century.R R/fW.Daycent1.R R/fW.Daycent2.R R/fW.Demeter.R R/fW.Gompertz.R R/fW.Moyano.R R/fW.RothC.R R/fW.Skopp.R R/fW.Standcarb.R R/linMaker.R R/linesCPool.R R/plotC14Pool.R R/plotCPool.R R/solver.R R/spectralNorm.R R/supported14CFractionFormats.R R/systemAge.R R/testhelpers.R R/transitTime.R R/turnoverFit.R R/vecFuncMaker.R R/warnings.R
inst/tests/all.R inst/tests/c14test.R
inst/tests/doubleExp.R inst/tests/exall.R inst/tests/example.GeneralModel_14.R inst/tests/example.getC.R inst/tests/example.getF14R_method__Model_14.R inst/tests/example.getReleaseFlux14_method__Model_14.R inst/tests/example.getReleaseFlux_method__Model.R inst/tests/example.getTimeRange_method__TimeMap.R inst/tests/example.initialize_method__Model.R inst/tests/example.initialize_method__Model_14.R inst/tests/prolog.R inst/tests/runit.2TwopSerial_linear_vs_nonlinear.R inst/tests/runit.BackwardTransferTime.R inst/tests/runit.BoundFc.R inst/tests/runit.BoundLinDecomOp.R inst/tests/runit.Conversion.R inst/tests/runit.DeprecationWarnings.R inst/tests/runit.Interfaces.R inst/tests/runit.LinearDecompositionOperator.R inst/tests/runit.MeanAge.R inst/tests/runit.MeanAge2.R inst/tests/runit.MeanAge3.R inst/tests/runit.Model.R inst/tests/runit.Model_14.R inst/tests/runit.NlModel.R inst/tests/runit.NonlinearAtmosphericModel.R inst/tests/runit.SoilRF0.R inst/tests/runit.SoilRPaper1.R inst/tests/runit.ThreepFeedback_MCSim.R inst/tests/runit.ThreepSerialFeedback_linear_vs_nonlinear.R inst/tests/runit.ThreepSerial_linear_vs_nonlinear.R inst/tests/runit.TimeMap.R inst/tests/runit.TimeReversedSolution.R inst/tests/runit.TwopSerial_MCSim.R inst/tests/runit.TwopSerial_linear_vs_nonlinear.R inst/tests/runit.check.pass.R inst/tests/runit.formatConversion.R inst/tests/runit.manuel.Manzoni.op.R inst/tests/runit.nonlinear.R inst/tests/runit.operators.R inst/tests/runit.testNumberOfPools.R inst/tests/runit.turnoverFit.R inst/tests/sall.R inst/tests/single_test.R inst/tests/testhelpers.R
man/1.Rd man/10.Rd man/100.Rd man/101.Rd man/102.Rd man/103.Rd man/104.Rd man/105.Rd man/106.Rd man/107.Rd man/108.Rd man/109.Rd man/11.Rd man/110.Rd man/111.Rd man/112.Rd man/113.Rd man/114.Rd man/115.Rd man/116.Rd man/117.Rd man/118.Rd man/119.Rd man/12.Rd man/120.Rd man/121.Rd man/122.Rd man/123.Rd man/124.Rd man/125.Rd man/126.Rd man/127.Rd man/128.Rd man/129.Rd man/13.Rd man/130.Rd man/131.Rd man/132.Rd man/133.Rd man/134.Rd man/135.Rd man/136.Rd man/137.Rd man/138.Rd man/139.Rd man/14.Rd man/140.Rd man/141.Rd man/142.Rd man/143.Rd man/144.Rd man/145.Rd man/146.Rd man/147.Rd man/148.Rd man/149.Rd man/15.Rd man/150.Rd man/151.Rd man/152.Rd man/153.Rd man/154.Rd man/155.Rd man/156.Rd man/157.Rd man/158.Rd man/159.Rd man/16.Rd man/160.Rd man/161.Rd man/162.Rd man/163.Rd man/164.Rd man/165.Rd man/166.Rd man/167.Rd man/168.Rd man/169.Rd man/17.Rd man/170.Rd man/171.Rd man/172.Rd man/173.Rd man/174.Rd man/175.Rd man/176.Rd man/177.Rd man/178.Rd man/179.Rd man/18.Rd man/180.Rd man/181.Rd man/182.Rd man/183.Rd man/184.Rd man/185.Rd man/186.Rd man/187.Rd man/188.Rd man/189.Rd man/19.Rd man/190.Rd man/191.Rd man/192.Rd man/193.Rd man/194.Rd man/195.Rd man/196.Rd man/197.Rd man/198.Rd man/199.Rd man/2.Rd man/20.Rd man/200.Rd man/201.Rd man/202.Rd man/203.Rd man/204.Rd man/205.Rd man/206.Rd man/207.Rd man/208.Rd man/209.Rd man/21.Rd man/210.Rd man/211.Rd man/212.Rd man/213.Rd man/214.Rd man/215.Rd man/216.Rd man/217.Rd man/218.Rd man/219.Rd man/22.Rd man/220.Rd man/221.Rd man/222.Rd man/223.Rd man/224.Rd man/225.Rd man/226.Rd man/227.Rd man/228.Rd man/23.Rd man/24.Rd man/25.Rd man/26.Rd man/27.Rd man/28.Rd man/29.Rd man/3.Rd man/30.Rd man/31.Rd man/32.Rd man/33.Rd man/34.Rd man/35.Rd man/36.Rd man/37.Rd man/38.Rd man/39.Rd man/4.Rd man/40.Rd man/41.Rd man/42.Rd man/43.Rd man/44.Rd man/45.Rd man/46.Rd man/47.Rd man/48.Rd man/49.Rd man/5.Rd man/50.Rd man/51.Rd man/52.Rd man/53.Rd man/54.Rd man/55.Rd man/56.Rd man/57.Rd man/58.Rd man/59.Rd man/6.Rd man/60.Rd man/61.Rd man/62.Rd man/63.Rd man/64.Rd man/65.Rd man/66.Rd man/67.Rd man/68.Rd man/69.Rd man/7.Rd man/70.Rd man/71.Rd man/72.Rd man/73.Rd man/74.Rd man/75.Rd man/76.Rd man/77.Rd man/78.Rd man/79.Rd man/8.Rd man/80.Rd man/81.Rd man/82.Rd man/83.Rd man/84.Rd man/85.Rd man/86.Rd man/87.Rd man/88.Rd man/89.Rd man/9.Rd man/90.Rd man/91.Rd man/92.Rd man/93.Rd man/94.Rd man/95.Rd man/96.Rd man/97.Rd man/98.Rd man/99.Rd

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