Man pages for TreeHotspots
Hotspot Detection using Classification Trees

CleanUpPolysapply various filters to polygon clusters
data1simulated data containing one symmetric bump
data2simulated data containing one elliptical bump
DataInsideBoxreturns subset of data within bounding box
drugCrimescrime data from San Francisco classified as drug crimes
faithful2Old Faithful Geyser Data
FindClustersfind spatial clusters using supervised learning methods
getHotspotsfind spatial clusters using supervised learning methods
list.rulescompute rules for terminal nodes
msdatasimulated artifial data at multiple scales and angles
PartitionPartyPlot the partitions of a partykit tree model
PlotClustersplot clusters on a map
PlotPartitionPlot the partitions of a tree model.
PolyOverlapcomputes the relative overlap of two polygons
Rectwrapper for base R rect function
Rect2PBSpolyssimple utility function to convert object of rectangles into...
Rotaterotate data
Rules2BoundingBoxreturn bounding box of leaf node
TestRotationutility function to test validity of rotation
TreeHotspots-packageHotspot Detection using Classification Trees
TreePartitionConvert the recursively defined partitions of a tree into a...
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