adegraphics: An S4 Lattice-Based Package for the Representation of Multivariate Data

Graphical functionalities for the representation of multivariate data. It is a complete re-implementation of the functions available in the 'ade4' package.

AuthorStéphane Dray <> and Aurélie Siberchicot <>, with contributions from Jean Thioulouse. Based on earlier work by Alice Julien-Laferrière.
Date of publication2015-08-31 11:30:26
MaintainerAurélie Siberchicot <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)
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Man pages

add.ADEg: Superpose an new 'ADEg' graph to the previous ones plotted

addhist: Adds histograms and density lines against a bi-dimensional...

ADEg.C1-class: Class 'ADEg.C1'

ADEg-class: Class 'ADEg'

adeg.panel.label: Panel function for adding labels.

adeg.panel.nb: Panel functions for adding graphs.

adeg.panel.Spatial: Panel function for adding spatial objects.

adeg.panel.values: Panel function drawing a third variable into a...

adegpar: Handling ADEg graphical parameters

adegraphics-internal: For internal use only

adegraphics-package: Graphical objects for ade4 functions (and more)

ADEgS: Creation of 'ADEgS' objects

ADEg.S1-class: Class 'ADEg.S1'

ADEg.S2-class: Class 'ADEg.S2'

ADEgS-class: Class '"ADEgS"'

ADEg.T-class: Class 'ADEg.T'

ADEg.Tr-class: Class '"ADEg.Tr"'

C1.barchart-class: Class 'C1.barchart'

C1.curve-class: Class 'C1.curve'

C1.density-class: Class 'C1.density'

C1.dotplot-class: Class 'C1.dotplot'

C1.gauss-class: Class 'C1.gauss'

C1.hist-class: Class 'C1.hist'

C1.interval-class: Class 'C1.interval'

cbindADEg: Combine 'ADEg' objects by columns or rows

changelatticetheme: Change the 'lattice' theme used for 'adegraphics'

getcall-methods: Method for 'ADEg' and 'ADEgS' objects

insert: Insert a graphic into an existing one

layout2position: Transform a layout matrix into a position one

panel-methods: Methods 'panel' for 'ADEg' objects

plot: Methods to display the outputs of an analysis performed with...

plotEig: Plot a barchart of eigen values

prepare-methods: Methods 'prepare' for 'ADEg' objects

S1.boxplot-class: Class 'S1.boxplot'

S1.class-class: Class 'S1.class'

s1d.barchart: 1-D plot of a numeric score by bars

s1d.boxplot: 1-D box plot of a numeric score partitioned in classes...

s1d.class: 1-D plot of a numeric score partitioned in classes (levels of...

s1d.curve: 1-D plot of a numeric score linked by curves

s1d.density: 1-D plot of a numeric score by density curves

s1d.distri: 1-D plot of a numeric score by means/standard deviations...

s1d.dotplot: 1-D plot of a numeric score by dots

s1d.gauss: 1-D plot of a numeric score by Gaussian curves

s1d.hist: 1-D plot of a numeric score by bars

s1d.interval: 1-D plot of the interval between two numeric scores

S1.distri-class: Class 'S1.distri'

s1d.label: 1-D plot of a numeric score with labels

s1d.match: 1-D plot of the matching between two numeric scores

S1.label-class: Class 'S1.label'

S1.match-class: Class 'S1.match'

S2.arrow-class: Class 'S2.arrow'

S2.class-class: Class 'S2.class'

S2.corcircle-class: Class 'S2.corcircle'

S2.density-class: Class 'S2.density'

S2.distri-class: Class 'S2.distri'

S2.image-class: Class 'S2.image'

S2.label-class: Class 'S2.label'

S2.logo-class: Class 'S2.logo'

S2.match-class: Class 'S2.match'

S2.traject-class: Class 'S2.traject'

S2.value-class: Class 'S2.value'

s.arrow: 2-D scatter plot with arrows

s.class: 2-D scatter plot with a partition in classes (levels of a...

s.corcircle: Correlation circle

s.density: 2-D scatter plot with kernel density estimation

s.distri: 2-D scatter plot with means/standard deviations computed...

setlimits1D: Computes limits for 1D and 2D displays.

s.image: 2-D scatter plot with loess estimation of an additional...

s.label: 2-D scatter plot with labels

s.logo: 2-D scatter plot with logos (bitmap objects)

s.match: 2-D scatter plot of the matching between two sets of...

sortparamADEg: Sort a sequence of graphical parameters

s.Spatial: Mapping of a Spatial* object

s.traject: 2-D scatter plot with trajectories

superpose: Superpose two graphics

s.value: 2-D scatter plot with proportional symbols (bubble plot)

table.image: Heat map-like representation with colored cells

table.value: Heat map-like representation with proportional symbols

T.cont-class: Class 'T.cont'

T.image-class: Class 'T.image'

Tr.class-class: Class 'Tr.class'

triangle.class: Ternary plot with a partition in classes (levels of a factor)

triangle.label: Ternary plot with labels

triangle.match: Ternary plot of the matching between two sets of coordinates

triangle.traject: Ternary plot with trajectories

Tr.label-class: Class 'Tr.label'

Tr.match-class: Class 'Tr.match'

Tr.traject-class: Class 'Tr.traject'

T.value-class: Class 'T.value'

zoom: Zoom in or out


add.ADEg Man page
add.ADEg,ADEg-method Man page
add.ADEg-methods Man page
addhist Man page
addhist,ADEg.S2-method Man page
addhist-methods Man page
ADEg Man page
+,ADEg,ADEg-method Man page
+,ADEg,ADEgS-method Man page
ADEg.C1 Man page
ADEg.C1-class Man page
ADEg-class Man page
ADEgORADEgSORtrellis Man page
ADEgORADEgSORtrellis-class Man page
ADEgORtrellis Man page
ADEgORtrellis-class Man page
adeg.panel.edges Man page
adeg.panel.label Man page
adeg.panel.nb Man page
adeg.panel.Spatial Man page
adeg.panel.values Man page
adegpar Man page
adegraphics Man page
adegraphics-package Man page
ADEgS Man page
ADEg.S1 Man page
ADEg.S1-class Man page
ADEg.S2 Man page
ADEg.S2-class Man page
+,ADEgS,ADEg-method Man page
[[,ADEgS,character,missing-method Man page
ADEgS-class Man page
$,ADEgS-method Man page
[[<-,ADEgS,numeric,missing,ADEg-method Man page
[[<-,ADEgS,numeric,missing,ADEgS-method Man page
[,ADEgS,numeric,missing,logical-method Man page
[[,ADEgS,numeric,missing-method Man page
[,ADEgS,numeric,missing,missing-method Man page
ADEg.T Man page
ADEg.T-class Man page
ADEg.Tr Man page
ADEg.Tr-class Man page
as.raster.pixmapGrey Man page
as.raster.pixmapRGB Man page
axis.L Man page
biplot Man page
biplot.dudi Man page
C1.barchart Man page
C1.barchart-class Man page
C1.curve Man page
C1.curve-class Man page
C1.density Man page
C1.density-class Man page
C1.dotplot Man page
C1.dotplot-class Man page
C1.gauss Man page
C1.gauss-class Man page
C1.hist Man page
C1.hist-class Man page
C1.interval Man page
C1.interval-class Man page
cbindADEg Man page
cbindADEg,ADEgORADEgSORtrellis,ADEgORADEgSORtrellis-method Man page
cbindADEg-methods Man page
changelatticetheme Man page
getcall Man page
getcall,ADEg-method Man page
getcall,ADEgS-method Man page
getcall-methods Man page
getgraphics Man page
getgraphics,ADEgS-method Man page
getlatticecall Man page
getlatticecall,ADEg-method Man page
getparameters Man page
getparameters,ADEg-method Man page
getpositions Man page
getpositions,ADEgS-method Man page
getstats Man page
getstats,ADEg-method Man page
getstats-methods Man page
gettrellis Man page
gettrellis,ADEg.C1-method Man page
gettrellis,ADEg-method Man page
gettrellis,ADEg.S1-method Man page
gettrellis,ADEg.S2-method Man page
gettrellis,ADEg.T-method Man page
gettrellis,ADEg.Tr-method Man page
gettrellis-methods Man page
insert Man page
insert,ADEgORtrellis,ADEg-method Man page
insert,ADEgORtrellis,ADEgS-method Man page
insert,ADEgORtrellis,missing-method Man page
insert,ADEgS,ADEg-method Man page
insert,ADEgS,ADEgS-method Man page
insert,ADEgS,missing-method Man page
insert-methods Man page
kplot Man page
kplot.foucart Man page
kplot.mbpcaiv Man page
kplot.mcoa Man page
kplot.mfa Man page
kplot.pta Man page
kplot.sepan Man page
kplotsepan.coa Man page
kplot.statis Man page
layout2position Man page
length,ADEgS-method Man page
+-methods Man page
names<-,ADEgS,character-method Man page
names,ADEgS-method Man page
panel Man page
panelbase Man page
panelbase,ADEg.C1-method Man page
panelbase,ADEg-method Man page
panelbase,ADEg.S1-method Man page
panelbase,ADEg.S2-method Man page
panelbase,ADEg.T-method Man page
panelbase,ADEg.Tr-method Man page
panelbase-methods Man page
panel,C1.barchart-method Man page
panel,C1.curve-method Man page
panel,C1.density-method Man page
panel,C1.dotplot-method Man page
panel,C1.gauss-method Man page
panel,C1.hist-method Man page
panel,C1.interval-method Man page
panel-methods Man page
panel,S1.boxplot-method Man page
panel,S1.class-method Man page
panel,S1.distri-method Man page
panel,S1.label-method Man page
panel,S1.match-method Man page
panel,S2.arrow-method Man page
panel,S2.class-method Man page
panel,S2.corcircle-method Man page
panel,S2.density-method Man page
panel,S2.distri-method Man page
panel,S2.image-method Man page
panel,S2.label-method Man page
panel,S2.logo-method Man page
panel,S2.match-method Man page
panel,S2.traject-method Man page
panel,S2.value-method Man page
panel.symbols.grid Man page
panel,T.cont-method Man page
panel,T.image-method Man page
panel,Tr.class-method Man page
panel,Tr.label-method Man page
panel,Tr.match-method Man page
panel,Tr.traject-method Man page
panel,T.value-method Man page
plot Man page
plot.acm Man page
plot,ADEg,ANY-method Man page
plot,ADEg-method Man page
plot,ADEgS,ANY-method Man page
plot,ADEgS-method Man page
plot.betcoi Man page
plot.betdpcoa Man page
plot.betrlq Man page
plot.between Man page
plot.betwitdpcoa Man page
plot.coinertia Man page
plot.discrimin Man page
plot.dpcoa Man page
plotEig Man page
plot.fca Man page
plot.foucart Man page
plot.krandboot Man page
plot.krandxval Man page
plot.mcoa Man page
plot.mfa Man page
plot.multiblock Man page
plot.multispati Man page
plot.niche Man page
plot.pcaiv Man page
plot.procuste Man page
plot.pta Man page
plot.randboot Man page
plot.randxval Man page
plot.rlq Man page
plot.sepan Man page
plot.statis Man page
plot.witcoi Man page
plot.witdpcoa Man page
plot.within Man page
plot.witrlq Man page
prepare Man page
prepare,ADEg.C1-method Man page
prepare,ADEg.S1-method Man page
prepare,ADEg.S2-method Man page
prepare,ADEg.T-method Man page
prepare,ADEg.Tr-method Man page
prepare,C1.barchart-method Man page
prepare,C1.curve-method Man page
prepare,C1.density-method Man page
prepare,C1.dotplot-method Man page
prepare,C1.gauss-method Man page
prepare,C1.hist-method Man page
prepare,C1.interval-method Man page
prepare-methods Man page
prepare,S1.boxplot-method Man page
prepare,S1.class-method Man page
prepare,S1.distri-method Man page
prepare,S1.label-method Man page
prepare,S1.match-method Man page
prepare,S2.arrow-method Man page
prepare,S2.class-method Man page
prepare,S2.corcircle-method Man page
prepare,S2.density-method Man page
prepare,S2.distri-method Man page
prepare,S2.image-method Man page
prepare,S2.label-method Man page
prepare,S2.logo-method Man page
prepare,S2.match-method Man page
prepare,S2.traject-method Man page
prepare,S2.value-method Man page
prepare,T.image-method Man page
prepare,Tr.class-method Man page
prepare,Tr.label-method Man page
prepare,Tr.match-method Man page
prepare,Tr.traject-method Man page
prepare,T.value-method Man page
print,ADEg-method Man page
print,ADEgS-method Man page
printSuperpose Man page
printSuperpose,ADEgORtrellis,ADEgORtrellis-method Man page
printSuperpose-methods Man page
rbindADEg Man page
rbindADEg,ADEgORADEgSORtrellis,ADEgORADEgSORtrellis-method Man page
rbindADEg-methods Man page
S1.boxplot Man page
S1.boxplot-class Man page
S1.class Man page
S1.class-class Man page
s1d.barchart Man page
s1d.boxplot Man page
s1d.class Man page
s1d.curve Man page
s1d.density Man page
s1d.distri Man page
s1d.dotplot Man page
s1d.gauss Man page
s1d.hist Man page
s1d.interval Man page
S1.distri Man page
S1.distri-class Man page
s1d.label Man page
s1d.match Man page
S1.label Man page
S1.label-class Man page
S1.match Man page
S1.match-class Man page
S2.arrow Man page
S2.arrow-class Man page
S2.class Man page
S2.class-class Man page
S2.corcircle Man page
S2.corcircle-class Man page
S2.density Man page
S2.density-class Man page
S2.distri Man page
S2.distri-class Man page
S2.image Man page
S2.image-class Man page
S2.label Man page
S2.label-class Man page
S2.logo Man page
S2.logo-class Man page
S2.match Man page
S2.match-class Man page
S2.traject Man page
S2.traject-class Man page
S2.value Man page
S2.value-class Man page
\S4method{+}{ADEg} Man page
s.arrow Man page
scatter Man page
scatter.coa Man page
scatter.dudi Man page
scatter.nipals Man page
scatter.pco Man page
s.class Man page
s.corcircle Man page
score Man page
score.acm Man page
score.mix Man page
score.pca Man page
screeplot Man page
screeplot.dudi Man page
s.density Man page
s.distri Man page
setlatticecall Man page
setlatticecall,ADEg.C1-method Man page
setlatticecall,ADEg.S1-method Man page
setlatticecall,ADEg.S2-method Man page
setlatticecall,ADEg.T-method Man page
setlatticecall,ADEg.Tr-method Man page
setlatticecall-methods Man page
setlatticecall,S1.boxplot-method Man page
setlimits1D Man page
setlimits2D Man page
setvalueskey Man page
show,ADEg-method Man page
show,ADEgS-method Man page
s.image Man page
s.label Man page
s.logo Man page
s.match Man page
sortparamADEg Man page
sortparamADEgS Man page
s.Spatial Man page
s.traject Man page
superpose Man page
superpose,ADEgORtrellis,ADEgORtrellis,ANY,ANY-method Man page
superpose,ADEgS,ADEgORtrellis,missing,ANY-method Man page
superpose,ADEgS,ADEgORtrellis,numeric,ANY-method Man page
superpose,ADEgS,ADEgORtrellis,numeric,logical-method Man page
superpose,ADEgS,ADEgS,missing,ANY-method Man page
superpose-methods Man page
s.value Man page
table.image Man page
table.value Man page
T.cont Man page
T.cont-class Man page
T.image Man page
T.image-class Man page
Tr.class Man page
Tr.class-class Man page
triangle.class Man page
triangle.label Man page
triangle.match Man page
triangle.traject Man page
Tr.label Man page
Tr.label-class Man page
Tr.match Man page
Tr.match-class Man page
Tr.traject Man page
Tr.traject-class Man page
T.value Man page
T.value-class Man page
update,ADEg Man page
update,ADEg-method Man page
update,ADEgS Man page
update,ADEgS-method Man page
zoom Man page
zoom,ADEg.S1,numeric,missing-method Man page
zoom,ADEg.S1,numeric,numeric-method Man page
zoom,ADEg.S2,numeric,missing-method Man page
zoom,ADEg.S2,numeric,numeric-method Man page
zoom-methods Man page


R/ADEg.C1.R R/ADEg.R R/ADEg.S1.R R/ADEg.S2.R R/ADEg.T.R R/ADEg.Tr.R R/ADEgS.R R/C1.barchart.R R/C1.curve.R R/C1.density.R R/C1.dotplot.R R/C1.gauss.R R/C1.hist.R R/C1.interval.R R/S1.boxplot.R R/S1.class.R R/S1.distri.R R/S1.label.R R/S1.match.R R/S2.arrow.R R/S2.class.R R/S2.corcircle.R R/S2.density.R R/S2.distri.R R/S2.image.R R/S2.label.R R/S2.logo.R R/S2.match.R R/S2.traject.R R/S2.value.R R/T.cont.R R/T.image.R R/T.value.R R/Tr.class.R R/Tr.label.R R/Tr.match.R R/Tr.traject.R R/ade4-kplot.R R/ade4-plot.R R/ade4-scatter.R R/adeGsenv.R R/genericMethod.R R/multiplot.R R/panelfunctions.R R/parameter.R R/s.Spatial.R R/s.hist.R R/utils.R R/utilsADEgS.R R/utilsclass.R R/utilskey.R R/utilstriangle.R
man/ADEg-class.Rd man/ADEg.C1-class.Rd man/ADEg.S1-class.Rd man/ADEg.S2-class.Rd man/ADEg.T-class.Rd man/ADEg.Tr-class.Rd man/ADEgS-class.Rd man/ADEgS.Rd man/C1.barchart-class.Rd man/C1.curve-class.Rd man/C1.density-class.Rd man/C1.dotplot-class.Rd man/C1.gauss-class.Rd man/C1.hist-class.Rd man/C1.interval-class.Rd man/S1.boxplot-class.Rd man/S1.class-class.Rd man/S1.distri-class.Rd man/S1.label-class.Rd man/S1.match-class.Rd man/S2.arrow-class.Rd man/S2.class-class.Rd man/S2.corcircle-class.Rd man/S2.density-class.Rd man/S2.distri-class.Rd man/S2.image-class.Rd man/S2.label-class.Rd man/S2.logo-class.Rd man/S2.match-class.Rd man/S2.traject-class.Rd man/S2.value-class.Rd man/T.cont-class.Rd man/T.image-class.Rd man/T.value-class.Rd man/Tr.class-class.Rd man/Tr.label-class.Rd man/Tr.match-class.Rd man/Tr.traject-class.Rd man/add.ADEg.Rd man/addhist.Rd man/adeg.panel.Spatial.Rd man/adeg.panel.label.Rd man/adeg.panel.nb.Rd man/adeg.panel.values.Rd man/adegpar.Rd man/adegraphics-internal.Rd man/adegraphics-package.Rd man/cbindADEg.Rd man/changelatticetheme.Rd man/getcall-methods.Rd man/insert.Rd man/layout2position.Rd man/panel-methods.Rd man/plot.Rd man/plotEig.Rd man/prepare-methods.Rd man/s.Spatial.Rd man/s.arrow.Rd man/s.class.Rd man/s.corcircle.Rd man/s.density.Rd man/s.distri.Rd man/s.image.Rd man/s.label.Rd man/s.logo.Rd man/s.match.Rd man/s.traject.Rd man/s.value.Rd man/s1d.barchart.Rd man/s1d.boxplot.Rd man/s1d.class.Rd man/s1d.curve.Rd man/s1d.density.Rd man/s1d.distri.Rd man/s1d.dotplot.Rd man/s1d.gauss.Rd man/s1d.hist.Rd man/s1d.interval.Rd man/s1d.label.Rd man/s1d.match.Rd man/setlimits1D.Rd man/sortparamADEg.Rd man/superpose.Rd man/table.image.Rd man/table.value.Rd man/triangle.class.Rd man/triangle.label.Rd man/triangle.match.Rd man/triangle.traject.Rd man/zoom.Rd
tests/add.R tests/adegraphics.R tests/nbgraph.R tests/panelSpatial.R tests/parameter.R tests/s1d.boxplot.R tests/s1d.density.R tests/s1d.distri.R tests/s1d.gauss.R tests/s1d.label.R tests/s1d.match.R tests/s1dclass.R tests/sarrow.R tests/scatter.R tests/sclass.R tests/scorcircle.R tests/sdensity.R tests/sdistri.R tests/shist.R tests/simage.R tests/slabel.R tests/slogo.R tests/smatch.R tests/straject.R tests/svalue.R tests/tdist.R tests/timage.R tests/triangle.R tests/tvalue.R
vignettes/paramVSfunction.R vignettes/paramVSparam.R

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