Man pages for adegraphics
An S4 Lattice-Based Package for the Representation of Multivariate Data

add.ADEgSuperpose an new 'ADEg' graph to the previous ones plotted
addhistAdds histograms and density lines against a bi-dimensional...
ADEg.C1-classClass 'ADEg.C1'
ADEg-classClass 'ADEg'
adeg.panel.labelPanel function for adding labels.
adeg.panel.nbPanel functions for adding graphs.
adeg.panel.SpatialPanel function for adding spatial objects.
adeg.panel.valuesPanel function drawing a third variable into a...
adegparHandling ADEg graphical parameters
adegraphics-internalFor internal use only
adegraphics-packageGraphical objects for ade4 functions (and more)
ADEgSCreation of 'ADEgS' objects
ADEg.S1-classClass 'ADEg.S1'
ADEg.S2-classClass 'ADEg.S2'
ADEgS-classClass '"ADEgS"'
ADEg.T-classClass 'ADEg.T'
ADEg.Tr-classClass '"ADEg.Tr"'
C1.barchart-classClass 'C1.barchart'
C1.curve-classClass 'C1.curve'
C1.density-classClass 'C1.density'
C1.dotplot-classClass 'C1.dotplot'
C1.gauss-classClass 'C1.gauss'
C1.hist-classClass 'C1.hist'
C1.interval-classClass 'C1.interval'
cbindADEgCombine 'ADEg' objects by columns or rows
changelatticethemeChange the 'lattice' theme used for 'adegraphics'
getcall-methodsMethod for 'ADEg' and 'ADEgS' objects
insertInsert a graphic into an existing one
layout2positionTransform a layout matrix into a position one
panel-methodsMethods 'panel' for 'ADEg' objects
plotMethods to display the outputs of an analysis performed with...
plotEigPlot a barchart of eigen values
prepare-methodsMethods 'prepare' for 'ADEg' objects
S1.boxplot-classClass 'S1.boxplot'
S1.class-classClass 'S1.class'
s1d.barchart1-D plot of a numeric score by bars
s1d.boxplot1-D box plot of a numeric score partitioned in classes...
s1d.class1-D plot of a numeric score partitioned in classes (levels of...
s1d.curve1-D plot of a numeric score linked by curves
s1d.density1-D plot of a numeric score by density curves
s1d.distri1-D plot of a numeric score by means/standard deviations...
s1d.dotplot1-D plot of a numeric score by dots
s1d.gauss1-D plot of a numeric score by Gaussian curves
s1d.hist1-D plot of a numeric score by bars
s1d.interval1-D plot of the interval between two numeric scores
S1.distri-classClass 'S1.distri'
s1d.label1-D plot of a numeric score with labels
s1d.match1-D plot of the matching between two numeric scores
S1.label-classClass 'S1.label'
S1.match-classClass 'S1.match'
S2.arrow-classClass 'S2.arrow'
S2.class-classClass 'S2.class'
S2.corcircle-classClass 'S2.corcircle'
S2.density-classClass 'S2.density'
S2.distri-classClass 'S2.distri'
S2.image-classClass 'S2.image'
S2.label-classClass 'S2.label'
S2.logo-classClass 'S2.logo'
S2.match-classClass 'S2.match'
S2.traject-classClass 'S2.traject'
S2.value-classClass 'S2.value'
s.arrow2-D scatter plot with arrows
s.class2-D scatter plot with a partition in classes (levels of a...
s.corcircleCorrelation circle
s.density2-D scatter plot with kernel density estimation
s.distri2-D scatter plot with means/standard deviations computed...
setlimits1DComputes limits for 1D and 2D displays.
s.image2-D scatter plot with loess estimation of an additional...
s.label2-D scatter plot with labels
s.logo2-D scatter plot with logos (bitmap objects)
s.match2-D scatter plot of the matching between two sets of...
sortparamADEgSort a sequence of graphical parameters
s.SpatialMapping of a Spatial* object
s.traject2-D scatter plot with trajectories
superposeSuperpose two graphics
s.value2-D scatter plot with proportional symbols (bubble plot)
table.imageHeat map-like representation with colored cells
table.valueHeat map-like representation with proportional symbols
T.cont-classClass 'T.cont'
T.image-classClass 'T.image'
Tr.class-classClass 'Tr.class'
triangle.classTernary plot with a partition in classes (levels of a factor)
triangle.labelTernary plot with labels
triangle.matchTernary plot of the matching between two sets of coordinates
triangle.trajectTernary plot with trajectories
Tr.label-classClass 'Tr.label'
Tr.match-classClass 'Tr.match'
Tr.traject-classClass 'Tr.traject'
T.value-classClass 'T.value'
zoomZoom in or out
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