audited: Automatic Tracing and Display of Changes to Row Count

Classifies a data.frame such that row deletions and additions are tracked. A mechanism exists to give formal names to the row subsets that are coming or going. These names are used to populate a directed graph giving an account of all the transactions contributing to the state of the data.frame. The generic as.audited() has a method for keyed data.frames that creates an audited data.frame. Methods exist that track row count changes for the generics: Ops, !, ^, |, [, subset, head, tail, unique, cast, melt, aggregate, and merge. audit() extracts the transaction table from the audited object, while write.audit() and read.audit() control exchange with the file system. An audit method for as.igraph() creates a graph object that can be displayed with the corresponding plot method. Use options(audit= ) to provide an extra level of classification. Use options(artifact=TRUE) and as.xlsx() to save dropped records to file.

AuthorTim Bergsma
Date of publication2015-01-07 14:31:58
MaintainerScott Pivirotto <>

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aggregate.audited Man page
alias.audited Man page
artifact Man page
artifact<- Man page
artifact<-.audited Man page
artifact.audited Man page
as.audited Man page
as.audited.audited Man page Man page
as.audited.keyed Man page
as.audited.nm Man page
as.digest.audited Man page
as.igraph.audit Man page
as.igraph.audited Man page
as.keyed.audited Man page
as.nm.audited Man page
as.xlsx Man page
as.xlsx.artifact Man page
as.xlsx.audited Man page
audit Man page
audit<- Man page
auditAttrs Man page
auditAttrs.audit Man page
auditAttrs.audited Man page
auditAttrs.default Man page
audit<-.audited Man page
audit.audited Man page
audited Man page
^.audited Man page
|.audited Man page
!.audited Man page
[.audited Man page
audited-class Man page
audited-package Man page
cast,audited-method Man page
combinations.audited Man page
deconvolute Man page Man page
digest.audited Man page
distend Man page
format.state Man page
head.audited Man page
maxchar Man page
maxchar.audit Man page
melt.audited Man page
merge.audited Man page
modulate Man page
modulation Man page
modulation.default Man page
modulationRStudioGD Man page
Ops.audited Man page
plot.audited Man page
project Man page
rbind.audited Man page
read.audit Man page
rstudiogd Man page
subset.audited Man page
tail.audited Man page
unique.audited Man page
write.audit Man page

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