Man pages for audited
Automatic Tracing and Display of Changes to Row Count

as.auditedCreate Audited Objects
as.igraphVisualize an Audit Transaction Table
as.keyed.auditedCoerce Audited to Related Class
as.xlsx.artifactConvert Audit Artifacts to Excel Workbook
auditRetrieve or Assign the Audit and Artifact Attributes
audited-classClass '"audited"'
audited-packageAutomatic Tracing and Display of Changes to Row Count
cast-methodsMethods for Function 'cast' in Package 'reshape'
melt.auditedTransform Methods for Class Audited
Ops.auditedBinary and Unary Operations with Audited
subset.auditedDrop Methods for Class Audited
write.auditWrite and Read Audits
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