biostatUZH: Misc Tools of the Department of Biostatistics, EBPI, University of Zurich

Various functions developed at the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland. Currently implemented topics: several CI's for proportions, several CI's for diagnostic tests, Fagan-Nomogram, bootstrap CI's for the kappa coefficient, intraclass-correlation coefficients including CI's, agreement for continuous measurements (Bland-Altman plot), CI for the area under the curve (AUC), Mantel-Haenszel estimator, Mantel-Cox hazard ratio estimator, CI for the Kaplan-Meier estimate at given time points, CI for quantile of a Kaplan-Meier or cumulative incidence estimate, sample size computations for two-sample Mann-Whitney test, McNemar test, binary diagnostic test (via normal approximation and simulation), natural re-parametrization of Weibull output from survreg, hazard ratio and event time ratio interpretations, a plot to check the adequacy of the Weibull model.

AuthorSarah R. Haile [aut], Leonhard Held [aut, cre], Sebastian Meyer [aut], Sina Rueeger [aut], Kaspar Rufibach [aut], Daniel Sabanes Bove [ctb], R Core Team [cph]
Date of publication2017-03-23 14:21:49
MaintainerLeonhard Held <>
LicenseGPL (>=2)

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Man pages

biostatUZH-package: Misc Tools of the Department of Biostatistics, EBPI,...

BlandAltman: Bland-Altman plot to assess agreement between two continuous...

computeICCrater: Compute intraclass correlation coefficients ICC(2, 1) and...

confIntAUC: Compute confidence interval for AUC

confIntAUCbinorm: Function to compute ROC curve and (bootstrap) confidence...

confIntDiagnostic: Compute confidence intervals for operating characteristics of...

confIntFisherTrafo: Confidence interval for correlation coefficient using...

confIntICC: Confidence intervals for intraclass correlation in interrater...

confIntIndependentDiagnostic: Compute confidence intervals for the comparison of two...

confIntIndependentProportion: Compute confidence interval for the risk difference of two...

confIntKappa: Confidence intervals for weighted kappa and m >= 2 raters

confIntKM_t0: Compute confidence interval for a survival curve at a fixed...

confIntMedian: Compute exact confidence interval for median of a sample...

confIntPairedDiagnostic: Compute confidence intervals for the comparison of two...

confIntPairedProportion: Compute confidence interval for the difference of paired...

confIntProportion: Compute confidence interval for a binomial proportion via...

confIntRiskDiff: Compute confidence interval for a risk difference

confIntRiskRatio: Compute confidence interval for a risk ratio

ConvertWeibull: Transformation of survreg output for the Weibull distribution

faganPlot: Fagan-Nomogram

fischdaten: Data of the 'Fischstudie'

formatCI: Format (Confidence) Intervals

formatPercent: Format a Numeric Proportion

formatPval: Format p-Values

larynx: Survival Times of Larynx Cancer Patients

logit: Logit and inverse-logit function

mantelCoxHR: Mantel-Cox estimator of the hazard ratio

mantelHaenszel: Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Chi-Squared Test for Count Data

plotcorr: Compact Visualization of a Correlation Matrix

populationSamplePlot: Plot that shows population and sample drawn from it

quantileCumInc: Compute arbitrary quantile of a Cumulative Incidence estimate

quantileKM: Compute arbitrary quantile of a Kaplan-Meier estimate of a...

sampleSizeMcNemar: Compute sample size for McNemar test

sampleSizePhase2BinaryTest: Compute sample size for a Phase 2 study of a binary test

sampleSizeWilcoxTwoSample: Compute sample size for two sample Wilcoxon (Mann-Whitney)...

standardErrorAUC: Standard Error of AUC

summaryROC: Function to compute ROC curve and an asymptotic confidence...

survrep: Survival Analysis Results for Reports

tableRegression: Format Coefficient Tables of Regression Models

WeibullDiag: Diagnostic Plot of Adequacy of Weibull Distribution

WeibullReg: Weibull Regression for Survival Data


Aalpha Man page
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AUCbinorm Man page
biostatUZH Man page
biostatUZH-package Man page
BlandAltman Man page
clopperPearson Man page
computeICCrater Man page
confIntAUC Man page
confIntAUCbinorm Man page
confIntDiagnostic Man page
confIntFisherTrafo Man page
confIntICC Man page
confIntIndependentDiagnostic Man page
confIntIndependentProportion Man page
confIntKappa Man page
confIntKM_t0 Man page
confIntMedian Man page
confIntPairedDiagnostic Man page
confIntPairedProportion Man page
confIntProportion Man page
confIntRiskDiff Man page
confIntRiskRatio Man page
ConvertWeibull Man page
expit Man page
faganLine Man page
faganPlot Man page
fischdaten Man page
formatCI Man page
formatPercent Man page
formatPval Man page
ilogit Man page
jeffrey Man page
jeffreys Man page
lamAlpha Man page
larynx Man page
logit Man page
mantelCoxHR Man page
mantelHaenszel Man page
McNemar Man page
Newcombe Man page
paired Man page
plotcorr Man page
populationSamplePlot Man page
quantileCumInc Man page
quantileKM Man page
rootFct Man page
sampleSizeMcNemar Man page
sampleSizePhase2BinaryTest Man page
sampleSizePhase2BinaryTestSimulated Man page
sampleSizeWilcoxTwoSample Man page
standardErrorAUC Man page
summaryROC Man page
survrep Man page
tableRegression Man page
wald Man page
WeibullDiag Man page
WeibullReg Man page
wilson Man page


R/AUCbinorm.R R/Aalpha.R R/BlandAltman.R R/ConvertWeibull.R R/WeibullDiag.R R/WeibullReg.R R/agresti.R R/behrensTest.R R/clopperPearson.R R/computeICCrater.R R/confIntAUC.R R/confIntAUCbinorm.R R/confIntDiagnostic.R R/confIntFisherTrafo.R R/confIntICC.R R/confIntIndependentDiagnostic.R R/confIntIndependentProportion.R R/confIntKM_t0.R R/confIntKappa.R R/confIntMedian.R R/confIntPairedDiagnostic.R R/confIntPairedProportion.R R/confIntProportion.R R/confIntRiskDiff.R R/confIntRiskRatio.R R/faganLine.R R/faganPlot.R R/formatCI.R R/formatPercent.R R/formatPval.R R/is.wholenumber.R R/jeffrey.R R/jeffreys.R R/lamAlpha.R R/logit.R R/mantelCoxHR.R R/mantelHaenszel.R R/plotcorr.R R/populationSamplePlot.R R/quantileCumInc.R R/quantileKM.R R/rootFct.R R/sampleSizeMcNemar.R R/sampleSizePhase2BinaryTest.R R/sampleSizePhase2BinaryTestSimulated.R R/sampleSizeWilcoxTwoSample.R R/standardErrorAUC.R R/summaryROC.R R/survrep.R R/tableRegression.R R/wald.R R/wilson.R
man/BlandAltman.Rd man/ConvertWeibull.Rd man/WeibullDiag.Rd man/WeibullReg.Rd man/biostatUZH-package.Rd man/computeICCrater.Rd man/confIntAUC.Rd man/confIntAUCbinorm.Rd man/confIntDiagnostic.Rd man/confIntFisherTrafo.Rd man/confIntICC.Rd man/confIntIndependentDiagnostic.Rd man/confIntIndependentProportion.Rd man/confIntKM_t0.Rd man/confIntKappa.Rd man/confIntMedian.Rd man/confIntPairedDiagnostic.Rd man/confIntPairedProportion.Rd man/confIntProportion.Rd man/confIntRiskDiff.Rd man/confIntRiskRatio.Rd man/faganPlot.Rd man/fischdaten.Rd man/formatCI.Rd man/formatPercent.Rd man/formatPval.Rd man/larynx.Rd man/logit.Rd man/mantelCoxHR.Rd man/mantelHaenszel.Rd man/plotcorr.Rd man/populationSamplePlot.Rd man/quantileCumInc.Rd man/quantileKM.Rd man/sampleSizeMcNemar.Rd man/sampleSizePhase2BinaryTest.Rd man/sampleSizeWilcoxTwoSample.Rd man/standardErrorAUC.Rd man/summaryROC.Rd man/survrep.Rd man/tableRegression.Rd

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