Man pages for bit
A Class for Vectors of 1-Bit Booleans

as.bitCoercing to bit
as.bitwhichCoercing to bitwhich
as.logical.bitCoercion from bit, bitwhich and ri to logical, integer,...
as.whichCoercion to (positive) integer positions
bbatchBalanced Batch sizes
bit_initInitializing bit masks
bit-packageA class for vectors of 1-bit booleans
bitwhichA class for vectors representing asymetric selections
c.bitConcatenating bit and bitwhich vectors
chunkChunked range index
cloneCloning ff and ram objects
ExtractExtract or replace part of an bit vector
intrleHybrid Index, C-coded utilities
is.bitTesting for bit, bitwhich and ri selection classes
is.sortedGenerics related to cache access
length.bitGetting and setting length of bit, bitwhich and ri objects
LogicBitBoolean operators and functions for class bit
physicalPhysical and virtual attributes
ramsortGenerics for in-RAM sorting and ordering
regtest.bitRegressiontests for bit
repeat.timeAdaptive timer
repfromtoVirtual recycling
riRange index
rlepackHybrid Index, rle-pack utilities
setattributesAttribute setting by reference
SummarySummaries of bit vectors
unattrAttribute removal
vecseqVectorized Sequences
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