Man pages for bootfs
Derive Robust Feature Sets for Two or Multiclass Classification Problems

align_feat_borutaCreate matrix with aligned feature sets from Boruta results.
align_featuresCreate matrix with aligned feature sets from SVM SCAD...
bootfs-packageUse multiple feature selection algorithms to derive robust...
bootstrap_rocCreate roc curves from bootstrapping classification results.
bsGBMWrapper for GBM bootstrapping
bsPAMRPerform PAMR bootstrapping.
bsRFBORUTAPerform RFBORUTA bootstrapping.
bsSCADPerform SCAD SVM bootstrapping.
bstr_multiSVM SCAD bootstrapping classification and feature selection.
control_paramsCreate control parameter object for the classifiers
cvGBMMake a crossvalidation using GBM.
cv_gbmclassInternal crossvalidation method for GBM classification
cv_pamclassWrapper for PAMR classification call.
cvPAMRMain wrapper to call PAMR crossvalidation.
cv_penalizedSVMSVM SCAD crossvalidation.
cvRFBORUTACrossvalidation for Random Forests with Boruta feature...
cv_rfclassWrapper for RF Boruta classification crossvalidation.
cvSCADCrossvalidation for SCAD SVM classification and feature...
dist.eucsqSquared euclidean distance metric. Used for ward clustering.
doBSPerform bootstrapped feature selection with multiple...
doCVPerformance evaluation by crossvalidation for multiple...
drawheatWrapper for heatmap drawing.
extract_feat_borutaFeature extraction for Boruta bootstrapping results.
extract_feat_pamFeature extraction for PAMR bootstrapping results.
extract_feature_rankingsFeature ranking extraction for SVM SCAD bootstrapping...
extract_featuresHelper for feature extraction.
extract_features_rf_borutaHelper for feature extraction for RF Boruta.
extractsignaturesHelper for extracting all feature signatures from a...
fitGBMFit a Gradient Boosting Machine model.
gbm_multiCalling function to GBM bootstrapping
get_ellipsis_aHelper for importance graph drawing.
get_feature_rankingGet a feature ranking. Helper for SVM SCAD feature...
get_pam_featuresHelper for PAMR feature extraction.
importance_igraphGraphically represent the (co-)occurrences of a set of...
layout.ellipsisLayout function creating an ellipsis.
makeIGCreate an importance graph from a bootstrapping result of a...
resultBSSummarise the results of a bootstrapping analysis.
resultCVcreate a result plot for all performed crossvalidations
rf_multiWrapper for RF Boruta bootstrapping.
rocDraw ROC curve.
run_pamWrapper for PAMR bootstrapping classification.
select_bootstrap_dataSelect bootstrapping samples preserving group member...
select_cv_balancedBalanced training/test set selection for crossvalidation.
select_thresholdFind optimal threshold for PAMR feature selection.
simDataSetsimDataSet - simulation of exemplary dataset
svmclassWrapper for SVM SCAD classification call.
wardClustering function using ward clustering.
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