predictProb.glmnet: Extract predicted survival probabilities from a glmnet fit

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Extracts predicted survival probabilities from survival model fitted by glmnet, providing an interface as required by pmpec.


## S3 method for class 'glmnet'
predictProb(object, response, x, times, complexity, ...)



a fitted model of class glmnet.


response variable. Quantitative for family="gaussian", or family="poisson" (non-negative counts). For family="binomial" should be either a factor with two levels, or a two-column matrix of counts or proportions. For family="multinomial", can be a nc>=2 level factor, or a matrix with nc columns of counts or proportions.


n*p matrix of covariates.


vector of evaluation time points.


lambda penalty value.


additional arguments, currently not used.


Matrix with probabilities for each evaluation time point in times (columns) and each new observation (rows).


Thomas Hielscher \


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See Also

predictProb.coxnet, peperr, glmnet

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