caspr: Cellular Automata for Spatial Pressure in R

The project package for a study on spatial indicators of catastrophic shifts. Functions to run and analyse a set of cellular automata models that implement a spatially explicit pressure.

AuthorAlain Danet, Alex Genin, Vishwesha Guttal, Sonia Kefi, Sabiha Majumder, Sumithra Sankaran, Florian Schneider (Maintainer)
Date of publication2015-11-30 23:17:18
MaintainerFlorian D. Schneider <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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as.array.ca_result Man page
as.landscape Man page
as.landscape.matrix Man page
as.list.ca_result Man page
as.matrix.landscape Man page
birthdeath Man page
ca Man page
ca_animate Man page
ca_array Man page
count.landscape Man page
forestgap Man page
grazing Man page
init_landscape Man page
life Man page
livestock Man page
mapping Man page
musselbed Man page
neighbors Man page
neighborsij Man page
plot.ca_result Man page
plot.landscape Man page
predprey Man page
print.ca_model Man page
steady Man page
summary.ca_result Man page
summary.landscape Man page
template Man page

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