cffdrs: Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System

This project provides a group of new functions to calculate the outputs of the two main components of the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System (CFFDRS) at various time scales: the Fire Weather Index (FWI) System and the Fire Behaviour Prediction (FBP) System. Some functions have two versions, table and raster based.

AuthorXianli Wang, Alan Cantin, Marc-Andre Parisien, Mike Wotton, Kerry Anderson, Brett Moore, and Mike Flannigan
Date of publication2017-04-06 03:20:43
MaintainerAlan Cantin <>

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cffdrs Man page
cffdrs-package Man page
fbp Man page
fbpRaster Man page
fireSeason Man page
fwi Man page
fwiRaster Man page
gfmc Man page
hffmc Man page
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sdmc Man page
test_fbp Man page
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test_rast_hour02 Man page
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test_wDC Man page
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wDC Man page

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