Man pages for codebooks
Management of Survey Data

annotationsAdding Annotations to Objects
codebookGenerate a Codebook of a Data Set
contrastsConvenience Methods for Setting Contrasts
dataset-manipManipulation of Data Sets
dataSetsData Set Objects
DescriptivesVectors of Univariate Sample Statistics
importersObject Oriented Intervace to Foreign Files
itemsSurvey Items
labelsValue Labels
measurementLevels of Measurement of Survey Items
queryQuery an Object for Information
recodeRecode Items, Factors and Numeric Vectors
relabelChange labels of factors or of any labelled object
sample-methodsTake a Sample from a Data Set or Importer Object
sort-methodsConvenience Methods to Sort Data Frames and Data Sets
utility-classesNamed Lists, Lists of Items, and Atomic Vectors
value-filtersValue Filters
within-data-frameA Modified Version of 'within'
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