Man pages for colorspace
A Toolbox for Manipulating and Assessing Colors and Palettes

choose_paletteGraphical User Interface for Choosing HCL Color Palettes
color-classClass "color"
coordsExtract the Numerical Coordinates of a Color
cvdColor Vision Deficiency (CVD) Conversion Tables
cvd_emulatorGraphical User Interface to Check Images for Color...
cvd_imageConvert Colors of an Image
demoplotColor Palette Demonstration Plot
desaturateDesaturate Colors by Chroma Removal in HCL Space
divergingx_hcl(More) Flexible Diverging HCL Palettes
hcl_color_pickerGraphical User Interface to Pick Colors in HCL Space
hcl_palettesHCL Color Palettes
hclplotPalette Plot in HCL Space
hexConvert Colors to Hexadecimal Strings
hex2RGBConvert Hexadecimal Color Specifications to sRGB Objects
HLSCreate HLS Colors
HSVCreate HSV Colors
LABCreate LAB Colors
lightenAlgorithmically Lighten or Darken Colors
LUVCreate LUV Colors
max_chromaCompute Maximum Chroma for Given Hue and Luminance in HCL
mixcolorCompute the Convex Combination of Two Colors
polarLABCreate polarLAB Colors
polarLUVCreate polarLUV (HCL) Colors
rainbow_hclHCL (and HSV) Color Palettes Corresponding to Base R Palettes
readhexRead Hexadecimal Color Descriptions
readRGBRead RGB Color Descriptions
RGBCreate RGB Colors
scale_colour_continuous_divergingHCL-Based Continuous Diverging Color Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_continuous_divergingxHCL-Based Continuous Flexible Diverging Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_continuous_qualitativeHCL-Based Continuous Qualitative Color Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_continuous_sequentialHCL-Based Continuous Sequential Color Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_discrete_divergingHCL-Based Discrete Diverging Color Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_discrete_divergingxHCL-Based Discrete Flexible Diverging Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_discrete_qualitativeHCL-Based Discrete Qualitative Color Scales for ggplot2
scale_colour_discrete_sequentialHCL-Based Discrete Sequential Color Scales for ggplot2
simulate_cvdSimulate Color Vision Deficiency
specplotColor Spectrum Plot
sRGBCreate sRGB Colors
swatchplotPalette Swatch Plot
USSouthPolygonPolygon for County Map of US South States: Alabama, Georgia,...
whitepointAccess or Modify the Whitepoint
writehexWrite Hexadecimal Color Descriptions
XYZCreate XYZ Colors
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