depmixS4: Dependent Mixture Models - Hidden Markov Models of GLMs and Other Distributions in S4

Fits latent (hidden) Markov models on mixed categorical and continuous (time series) data, otherwise known as dependent mixture models.

AuthorIngmar Visser <>, Maarten Speekenbrink <>
Date of publication2016-02-10 17:04:00
MaintainerIngmar Visser <>
LicenseGPL (>=2)

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balance Man page
BINOMresponse Man page
cov2par Man page
dens Man page
dens,BINOMresponse-method Man page
dens,GAMMAresponse-method Man page
dens,GLMresponse-method Man page
dens,MULTINOMresponse-method Man page
dens,MVNresponse-method Man page
dens,NORMresponse-method Man page
dens,POISSONresponse-method Man page
dens,transInit-method Man page
depmix Man page
depmix,ANY-method Man page
depmix-class Man page Man page
depmix.fitted Man page
depmix.fitted-class Man page
depmix.fitted.classLik Man page
depmix.fitted.classLik-class Man page
depmix-methods Man page
depmixS4 Man page
depmixS4-package Man page
depmix.sim Man page
depmix.sim-class Man page
em Man page
em.control Man page
fb Man page
fit Man page
fit,BINOMresponse-method Man page
fit,depmix-method Man page
fit,GLMresponse-method Man page
fit,mix-method Man page
fit,MULTINOMresponse-method Man page
fit,MVNresponse-method Man page
fit,NORMresponse-method Man page
fit,transInit-method Man page
forwardbackward Man page
forwardbackward,depmix-method Man page
forwardbackward,mix-method Man page
freepars Man page
freepars,depmix.fitted-method Man page
freepars,depmix-method Man page
freepars,mix.fitted-method Man page
freepars,mix-method Man page
GAMMAresponse Man page
getConstraints Man page
getConstraints,mix-method Man page
getdf Man page
getdf,MULTINOMresponse-method Man page
getdf,response-method Man page
getdf,transInit-method Man page
getmodel Man page
getmodel,depmix-method Man page
getmodel,mix-method Man page
getpars Man page
getpars,depmix-method Man page
getpars,GLMresponse-method Man page
getpars,mix-method Man page
getpars,MVNresponse-method Man page
GLMresponse Man page
GLMresponse-class Man page
GLMresponse,formula-method Man page
hess2cov Man page
llratio Man page
logDens Man page
logLik Man page
logLik,depmix.fitted.classLik-method Man page
logLik,depmix-method Man page
loglikelihoodratio Man page
logLik,GLMresponse-method Man page
logLik,mix.fitted.classLik-method Man page
logLik,mix-method Man page
lystig Man page
makeDepmix Man page
makeMix Man page
makePriorModel Man page
makeResponseModels Man page
makeTransModels Man page
mix Man page
mix,ANY-method Man page
mix-class Man page Man page
mix.fitted-class Man page
mix.fitted.classLik-class Man page
mix.sim Man page
mix.sim-class Man page
mlogit Man page
multinomial Man page
MULTINOMresponse Man page
MVNresponse Man page
MVNresponse-class Man page
MVNresponse,formula-method Man page
nlin Man page
nlin,depmix.fitted-method Man page
nlin,mix.fitted-method Man page
nobs Man page
nobs,depmix-method Man page
nobs,mix-method Man page
NORMresponse Man page
npar Man page
npar,depmix-method Man page
npar,mix-method Man page
npar,response-method Man page
nresp Man page
nresp,depmix-method Man page
nresp,depmix.sim-method Man page
nresp,mix-method Man page
nresp,mix.sim-method Man page
nstates Man page
nstates,depmix-method Man page
nstates,depmix.sim-method Man page
nstates,mix-method Man page
nstates,mix.sim-method Man page
ntimes Man page
ntimes,depmix-method Man page
ntimes,depmix.sim-method Man page
ntimes,mix-method Man page
ntimes,mix.sim-method Man page
pa2conr Man page
par2cov Man page
POISSONresponse Man page
posterior Man page
posterior,depmix.fitted-method Man page
posterior,mix.fitted-method Man page
predict,BINOMresponse-method Man page
predict,GLMresponse-method Man page
predict,MULTINOMresponse-method Man page
predict,MVNresponse-method Man page
predict,NORMresponse-method Man page
predict,transInit-method Man page
response-class Man page
response-classes Man page
responses Man page
setpars Man page
setpars,depmix-method Man page
setpars,GLMresponse-method Man page
setpars,mix-method Man page
setpars,MVNresponse-method Man page
show Man page
show,depmix.fitted-method Man page
show,depmix-method Man page
show,GLMresponse-method Man page
show,llratio-method Man page
show,mix.fitted-method Man page
show,mix-method Man page
show,MVNresponse-method Man page
simulate Man page
simulate,BINOMresponse-method Man page
simulate,depmix-method Man page
simulate,GAMMAresponse-method Man page
simulate,GLMresponse-method Man page
simulate,mix-method Man page
simulate,MULTINOMresponse-method Man page
simulate,MVNresponse-method Man page
simulate,NORMresponse-method Man page
simulate,POISSONresponse-method Man page
simulate,response-method Man page
simulate,transInit-method Man page
sp500 Man page
speed Man page
summary Man page
summary,depmix.fitted-method Man page
summary,depmix-method Man page
summary,mix.fitted-method Man page
summary,mix-method Man page
transInit Man page
transInit-class Man page
transInit,formula-method Man page
viterbi Man page
viterbi2 Man page
viterbi.fb Man page


depmixS4/R/EM.R depmixS4/R/allGenerics.R depmixS4/R/depmix-class.R depmixS4/R/depmix.R depmixS4/R/depmixfit-class.R depmixS4/R/depmixfit.R depmixS4/R/depmixsim-class.R depmixS4/R/em.control.R depmixS4/R/fb.R depmixS4/R/forwardbackward.R depmixS4/R/freepars.R depmixS4/R/getpars.R depmixS4/R/hess2cov.R depmixS4/R/llratio.R depmixS4/R/logLik.R depmixS4/R/lystig.R depmixS4/R/makeDepmix.R depmixS4/R/makePriorModel.R depmixS4/R/makeResponseModels.R depmixS4/R/makeTransModels.R depmixS4/R/mlogit.R depmixS4/R/multinomial.R depmixS4/R/nobs.R depmixS4/R/pa2conr.R depmixS4/R/response-class.R depmixS4/R/responseGLM.R depmixS4/R/responseGLMBINOM.R depmixS4/R/responseGLMGAMMA.R depmixS4/R/responseGLMMULTINOM.R depmixS4/R/responseGLMPOISSON.R depmixS4/R/responseMVN.R depmixS4/R/responseNORM.R depmixS4/R/setpars.R depmixS4/R/stationary.R depmixS4/R/transInit.R depmixS4/R/viterbi.R
depmixS4/man/GLMresponse.Rd depmixS4/man/balance.Rd depmixS4/man/depmix-class.Rd depmixS4/man/depmix-internal.Rd depmixS4/man/depmix-methods.Rd depmixS4/man/depmix.Rd depmixS4/man/ depmixS4/man/depmix.fitted-class.Rd depmixS4/man/depmix.sim-class.Rd depmixS4/man/depmixS4-package.Rd depmixS4/man/em.control.Rd depmixS4/man/forwardbackward.Rd depmixS4/man/llratio.Rd depmixS4/man/makeDepmix.Rd depmixS4/man/mix-class.Rd depmixS4/man/mix.Rd depmixS4/man/mix.fitted-class.Rd depmixS4/man/mix.sim-class.Rd depmixS4/man/posterior.Rd depmixS4/man/response-class.Rd depmixS4/man/response-classes.Rd depmixS4/man/responses.Rd depmixS4/man/simulate.Rd depmixS4/man/sp500.Rd depmixS4/man/speed.Rd depmixS4/man/transInit.Rd

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