Man pages for depmixS4
Dependent Mixture Models - Hidden Markov Models of GLMs and Other Distributions in S4

balanceBalance Scale Data
depmixDependent Mixture Model Specifiction
depmix-classClass "depmix"
depmix.fitFit 'depmix' or 'mix' models
depmix.fitted-classClass "depmix.fitted" (and "depmix.fitted.classLik")
depmix-internalDepmixS4 internal functions
depmix-methods'depmix' and 'mix' methods.
depmixS4-packagedepmixS4 provides classes for specifying and fitting hidden...
depmix.sim-classClass "depmix.sim"
em.controlControl parameters for the EM algorithm
formatpercFormat percentage for level in printing confidence interval
forwardbackwardForward and backward variables
GLMresponseMethods for creating depmix response models
llratioLog likelihood ratio test on two fitted models
makeDepmixDependent Mixture Model Specifiction: full control and adding...
mixMixture Model Specifiction
mix-classClass "mix"
mix.fitted-classClass "mix.fitted" (and "mix.fitted.classLik")
mix.sim-classClass "mix.sim"
multistartMethods to fit a (dep-)mix model using multiple sets of...
posteriorPosterior states/classes
response-classClass "response"
response-classesClass "GLMresponse" and class "transInit"
responsesResponse models currently implemented in depmix.
simulateMethods to simulate from (dep-)mix models
sp500Standard & Poor's 500 index
speedSpeed Accuracy Switching Data
stationaryCompute the stationary distribution of a transition...
transInitMethods for creating depmix transition and initial...
vcovParameter standard errors
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