Rigaweb: Gulf of Riga autumn planktonic food web

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Carbon flux matrix of the Gulf of Riga planktonic food web in autumn as reconstructed by inverse modelling by Donali et al. (1999).

The Gulf of Riga is a highly eutrophic system in the Baltic Sea.

The foodweb comprises 7 functional compartments:

  • picoautotrophs (P1)

  • non-picoautotrophs (P2)

  • bacteria (B)

  • heterotrophic nanoflagellates (N)

  • zooplankton (Z)

  • detritus, including virus (D)

  • dissolved organic carbon (DOC)

and two external compartments:

  • CO2

  • Sedimentation

These compartments are connected with 26 flows.

Units of the flows are mg C/m3/day.




matrix with flow values, where element ij denotes flow from compartment i to j

rownames and columnames are the components.


Karline Soetaert <karline.soetaert@nioz.nl>


Donali, E., Olli, K., Heiskanen, A.S., Andersen, T., 1999. Carbon flow patterns in the planktonic food web of the Gulf of Riga, the Baltic Sea: a reconstruction by the inverse method. Journal of Marine Systems 23, pp. 251 268.

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plotweb(Rigaweb, main = "Gulf of Riga planktonic food web",
        sub = "mgC/m3/day")

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