gp.rwl: Ponderosa Pine Ring Widths from Gus Pearson Natural Area

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This data set includes ring-width measurements for ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) increment cores collected at the Gus Pearson Natural Area (GPNA) in northern Arizona, USA. There are 58 series from 29 trees (2 cores per tree). Data are further described by Biondi and Qeadan (2008) and references therein.




A data.frame containing 58 ring-width series in columns and 421 years in rows.


DendroLab, University of Nevada Reno, USA.


Biondi, F. and Qeadan, F. (2008) A theory-driven approach to tree-ring standardization: Defining the biological trend from expected basal area increment. Tree-Ring Research, 64(2), 81–96.

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