emon: Tools for Environmental and Ecological Survey Design

Statistical tools for environmental and ecological surveys. Simulation-based power and precision analysis; detection probabilities from different survey designs; visual fast count estimation.

AuthorJon Barry and David Maxwell
Date of publication2017-03-09 11:39:30
MaintainerJon Barry <jon.barry@cefas.co.uk>

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Man pages

addnoise: Creates random errors for use in power.trend.

detect: Probability of circular patch detection

detect.prop: Probability of detecting a feature that covers a proportion...

emon-package: Tools for environmental and ecological survey design and...

expected.nb: Expected value of Visual Fast Count Estimator assuming...

expected.pois: Expected value of Visual Fast Count Estimator assuming...

fS.detect: Used in the function detect

fT.detect: Used in function detect

generate.trend: Generates a set of mean values.

GVFC: Calculates the raw Visual Fast Count (VFC) estimator of the...

GVFCMOM: Function to calculate the method of moments visual fast count...

is.wholenumber: To check whether an argument is an integer

mannkendall: Mann-kendall test for trend

mannkendall.stat: Mann-Kendall statistic.

mom.min.nb: Minimising function for VFC MOM estimator assuming Negative...

mom.min.pois: Minimising function for VFC MOM estimator assuming Poisson...

n.min: Minimising function used in 'precision'.

permute.BACI: Does non-parametric randomisation test for the interaction...

permute.groups: Does randomisation test for the difference in means of two...

power.BACI: Calculates power for a Before and After Control Impact (BACI)...

power.groups: Power for comparing mean of two groups

power.trend: Calculates power by simulation to detect a specified trend.

precision: Sample size for given precision or precision for given sample...

size2.samevar: Calculates negative binomial size to preserve constant...

svariog: Calculates empirical semi-variogram.


addnoise Man page
detect Man page
detect.prop Man page
emon Man page
emon-package Man page
expected.nb Man page
expected.pois Man page
fS.detect Man page
fT.detect Man page
generate.trend Man page
GVFC Man page
GVFCMOM Man page
is.wholenumber Man page
mannkendall Man page
mannkendall.stat Man page
mom.min.nb Man page
mom.min.pois Man page
n.min Man page
permute.BACI Man page
permute.groups Man page
power.BACI Man page
power.groups Man page
power.trend Man page
precision Man page
size2.samevar Man page
svariog Man page

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