mannkendall.stat: Mann-Kendall statistic.

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Calculates the Mann-Kendall statistic for monotonic trend. Unlike the function MannKendall, works for repeat values of time. Used in function mannkendall, which also calculates the p-value by simulation.





Vector of values which define the direction of the trend.


Vector of values for which you want to determine the trend.


The statistic is calculated by considering each case j and considering the subset of observations that have time greater than time[j]. The Mann Kendall statistic is the number of observations in this subset for which Y > Y[j] minus the number for which Y < Y[j]. The statistic is summed over all j. The p-value is calculated by nreps random permutations of the Y values.


Mann-Kendall statistic


Jon Barry:


Mann, H.B. (1945), Nonparametric tests against trend, Econometrica, 13, 245-259. Kendall, M.G. 1975. Rank Correlation Methods, 4th edition, Charles Griffin, London.

See Also

mannkendall, power.trend, MannKendall

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