Man pages for erpR
Event-Related Potentials (ERP) Analysis, Graphics and Utility Functions

butterflyERP butterfly plot
char2facconvert characters to factors
check.erplistcheck consistency of an erplist
cndisplay column names
create.diffcreate an ERP data frame with differential values
create.meancreate ERP data frames with mean values from a series of data...
create.roicreate electrode region of interests
erpplot an ERP waveform
erp.addadd an ERP waveform to a plot
erp.corplot the timepoint correlations between ERPs (single... over different files to calculate an ERP measure
erp.inflinspect the influence of a subject on the average (single...
erp.latencycalculate latency of several ERP data frames on a given time...
erplistExamplelist of ERP data frames
erplist.extractExtract data from an erplist.
erplist.offsetRemove offset in an erplist.
erplist.resampleResample ERP data frames in an erplist.
erplist.sortbytimeRemove sortbytime in an erplist.
erp.meanCalculate the mean of several ERP data frames in a given time...
erp.peakcalculate the peak of several ERP data frames in a given time...
erpR-packageerpR package
ERPsetslist of ERP data frames
erp.tplot t-test comparisons at all timepoints between two sets of...
erp.xaxisDraw an erp x axis
erp.yaxisDraw an erp y axis
factorallFactorize one or more variables in a data frame
find.clustersfind clusters
grandaveragecalculate the grandaverage of ERP data frames for graphical...
grandaverage.bandscalculate value to plot the bands for an ERP plot.
grandaverage.secalculate the standard error of grandaverage of ERP data...
import.erpimport ERP data matrices from ASCII files (file extension...
localmaxcalculate a local maximum
localmincalculate a local minimum
mass.t.testperform mass univariate statistics on an erplist.
msectopointsconvert points in milliseconds
ms.locatorlocate ms on a ERP plot
named.aggaggregate and keep the original names
pointstomsecconvert points in milliseconds
rasterplotRaster plot of results from 'mass.t.test'.
rearrangerearrange a data frame from wide to long format
sampling.ratecalculate sampling rate from an 'erpobj'
scalpplot ERP waveforms in a scalp array
scalp.corplot the timepoint correlations between ERPs and an external...
scalp.inflinspect the influence of a subject on an average (scalp...
scalp.subjinspect the ERP of each subject (scalp array)
scalp.tplot t-test comparisons at all timepoints between two ERP set...
spatial_neighbourscalculate spatial neighbours.
stable.diff.funcalculate stable difference in timepoints in ERP waveforms.
topoplotplot a topographic map of ERP
topoplot.paletteAdd a palette to a plot
topo.scalpplot ERP waveforms in a scalp array with topographic position
tpairscalculate pairwise t-tests
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