Lip motion


51 measurements of the position of the lower lip every 7 milliseconds for 20 repitions of the syllable 'bob'.




  • lip a matrix of dimension c(51, 20) giving the position of the lower lip every 7 milliseconds for 350 miliseconds.

  • lipmarks a matrix of dimension c(20, 2) giving the positions of the 'leftElbow' and 'rightElbow' in each of the 20 repitions of the syllable 'bob'.

  • liptime time in seconds from the start = seq(0, 0.35, 51) = every 7 milliseconds.


These are rather simple data, involving the movement of the lower lip while saying "bob". There are 20 replications and 51 sampling points. The data are used to illustrate two techniques: landmark registration and principal differental analysis. Principal differential analysis estimates a linear differential equation that can be used to describe not only the observed curves, but also a certain number of their derivatives. For a rather more elaborate example of principal differential analysis, see the handwriting data.

See the lip demo.


Ramsay, James O., and Silverman, Bernard W. (2006), Functional Data Analysis, 2nd ed., Springer, New York, sections 19.2 and 19.3.


#  See the lip demo.

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