fdnonpar: Methods for Multivariate or Functional Data

Nonparametric testing and visualization of samples consisting of vectors or arrays of observations x(t) taken at the same given measurement points t, such as functional data, time series or multivariate data (in the latter case, t is just an index). The independent variable may be multidimensional, but plotting is currently only possible for onedimensional arguments t (time series, functions of one variable). Comparison of group means of the data by a permutation tests (currently, the number of groups is limited to two). Pointwise rank based tests for goodness of fit.

AuthorUte Hahn [aut, cre]
Date of publication2015-06-10 19:27:25
MaintainerUte Hahn <ute@math.au.dk>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

apply.fdsample: Apply summary function to the y-values in an fdsample

as.fdsample: Coerce to an fdsample

CanadianTemperatures: Canadian Temperature Data

DeltaKBronze: Delta K_dir estimates for bronzefilter point pattern

ExampleData: Example data

extract.fdsample: Extract or replace subset of an fdsample

fdnonpar-package: The fdnonpar package

fdsample: Make a functional data sample

fdsample-internal: Internal functions for class 'fdsample'

funsample: Class for a sample of functions

funsample-internal: Plotting defaults for funsample List of defaults for plotting...

funsample_list_methods: List like methods for class funsample

is.fdsample: Check whether object is a function sample

plot.envtest: Plot the result of an envelope test

plot.fdenvelope: Plot an envelope object

plot.fdsample: Plot an fdsample object

plot.funsample: Plot a funsample object

plotlegend.funsample: Add legend to plot of a funsample object

plot.urfunction: Plots an 'urfunction'.

print.fdsample: Print brief details of an xy-list

pwEnvelope: Calculate pointwise envelope of a functional data sample

rangexy.fdsample: Report x- and y-range, generic function

rankCount.test: Rank count test of goodness of fit

rankEnv.test: Envelope test of goodness of fit

summaryfunctions.fdsample: Generic summary functions

summaryplot: Plot summary of an fdsample object

tL2.permtest: Integrated Welch-t Squared Permutation Test for Two Samples...

urfunction: urfunctions - univariate real valued functions

urfunction-internal: Legend information for an urfunction

yrange: range of function values


apply.fdsample Man page
as.fdsample Man page
CanadianTemperatures Man page
c.funsample Man page
defaultoptions.fdsample Man page
defaultoptions.funsample Man page
DeltaKBronze Man page
DeltaKBronze.s Man page
DeltaKBronze.t Man page
ExampleData Man page
fdnonpar Man page
fdnonpar-package Man page
fdsample Man page
[<-.fdsample Man page
[.fdsample Man page
fuda Man page
fuda1 Man page
fuda2 Man page
funsample Man page
$<-.funsample Man page
$.funsample Man page
funsample_list_methods Man page
is.fdsample Man page
is.funsample Man page
is.urfunction Man page
legendinfo.urfunction Man page
matchingoptions Man page
mean.fdsample Man page
median.fdsample Man page
plot.envtest Man page
plot.fdenvelope Man page
plot.fdsample Man page
plot.funsample Man page
plotlegend.funsample Man page
plot.urfunction Man page
print.fdsample Man page
pwEnvelope Man page
quantile.fdsample Man page
rangexy.fdsample Man page
rankCount.test Man page
rankEnv.test Man page
summaryplot Man page
TempAtla Man page
TempCont Man page
tL2.permtest Man page
uniquelist Man page
unusedoptions Man page
urfunction Man page
yrange Man page

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