Man pages for fisheyeR
Fisheye and Hyperbolic-space-alike Interactive Visualization Tools in R

addNoiseAdd noise to a matrix
centrarSalidaForce plot coordinates
circulinCoordinates to plot a circle
circuloFunction to plot a circle
fisheyeR-packageFisheye and Hyperbolic-space-alike Interactive Visualization...
fishIinNonlinear Focus+Context Transformations
HeavyWavoidClutteringFind Similar Rows in a Matrix
IncVadjustMinusFunctions for GUI interaction
mPOIAnd-classClass "mPOIAnd"
mPOIOr-classClass "mPOIOr"
multiPOI-classClass "multiPOI"
plotPOIFunctions for POI plotting
POICalcFunction to generate coordinates points to plot using POIs
POICalc-methodsMethods for Function POICalc
POIcalculate_-Replacement function for...
POIcalculate_--methodsMethods for Function POIcalculate<-
POI-classClass "POI" as Points Of Interest
POIcolors_POI-class slot Colores Replacement function
POIcolors_--methodsMethods for Function POIcolors<-
POIcoords_-Update POI slots
POIcoords_--methodsMethods for Function POIcoords<-
POICreateCreate an POI
POIGraph-classClass "POIGraph"
POIPlotPlot Objects of Class POI
POIPlot-methodsMethods for Function POIPlot
puntosMediosConnect 2D coordinates points
query2ColsCreate color vector for elements in an object of class POI
query2Cols-methodsMethods for Function query2Cols
toCartesianConverting between Polar and Cartesian Coordinates
toHiperbolicoHyperbolic-alike space effect
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