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fisheyeR provides tools for creating Interactive Data Visualizations.


Package: fisheyeR
Type: Package
Version: 0.9
Date: 2010-01-10
License: GPL-2
LazyLoad: yes
Depends: methods

fisheyeR provides tools for creating Interactive Data Visualizations in R by implementing ideas from Furnas(1986), Munzner(2006), Costa and Venturini (2006).

A Fisheye effect allows you to selectively scale information such that readability is preserved for the part relevant to the user, while the rest remains available in a reduced form to serve as context.

Displaying information in a hyperbolic space commonly utilizes the Poincare disk model of hyperbolic geometry, though the Klein-Beltrami model can also be used. Both display the entire hyperbolic plane within a unit disk, making the entire set visible at once. The unit disk gives a fish-eye lens view of the plane, giving more emphasis to elements which are in focus and displaying elements further out of focus closer to the boundary of the disk.

Venturini and Costa Points Of Interest (POI) allows for the exploration of multidimensional data, by representing information according to its similarity with every POI defined for the set.

See references for details.


Eduardo San Miguel Martin

Maintainer: Eduardo San Miguel Martin [email protected]


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