fusedanova-class: Class "fusedanova"

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Class of object returned by the fusedanova function.



a list of objects, one per variable. Objects are lists containing :

  • table: a dataframe containing the lambda; Beta, value of coefficient ; slope; idown the minimal index of class in the group and iup, the maximum one; for each fusion time lambda.

  • order: a vector giving the order of means before any fuse. Needed with classes for data conversion to a more understandable format.


the weights used t eprform the fit.



the intitulate of the classes as entered in the class parameter in the fusedanova function.


if a lambdalist was given to the fusedanova function, a list contaning for each variable an object with the same format as the ones in result. Else, an empty list.


the lambdalist vector parameter given in the fusedanova function. If not given, empty vector.


a character string indicating wether splits where allowed or not.


Specific plotting, predict and conversion methods are available and documented (plot,fusedanova-method, predict,fusedanova-method, dataconvert,fusedanova-method).

See Also

See also plot,fusedanova-method, predict,fusedanova-method dataconvert,fusedanova-method and fusedanova.

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