g4n: graph for networks

Creation and manipulation of graphs associated to networks. The first aim of this package is to support the /rebastaba/ package to which it was formerly included. It is mainly of interest for quite small graphs.

AuthorJean-Baptiste Denis <Jean-Baptiste.Denis@jouy.inra.fr>, Marie-Laure Delignette-Muller <ml.delignette@vet-lyon.fr> and Regis Pouillot <rpouillot@yahoo.fr>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerJean-Baptiste Denis <Jean-Baptiste.Denis@jouy.inra.fr>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

and4gn: adds a series of nodes to a gn object

arc2pam: constructs the object pam from the object arc

arc4gn: adds or remove some arc(s) to or from a gn object

cycle8pam: detects if a cycle exists from a pam matrix

cycles4gn: reduces the graph to the portion with cycles

ends8gn: returns the root and leaf nodes/variables of a gn

explore8pam: finds different characteristics of relations between nodes

g4n2.arc-class: Class "arc" ~~~

g4n2.gn-class: Class for graphs associated to Bayesian networks

g4n2.pam-class: Class "pam" to define parentship matrices

g4n2.pgr-class: Class "pgr" to format the plot of /gn/ (mainly DAG associated...

g4n2.pos-class: Class "pos" to define the projection into $R^2$ of objects...

g4n3k: assigns the constants for the g4n layer

geneal4pam: constructs the genealoty of a given node

gn2item: returns the item names of a /gn/ object

gn2list: transforms a /gn/ object into a list

gn2path: returns all paths between two nodes

list2gn: transforms a consistent list into a new /gn/ object

minbar8gn: finds the minimum number of arcs between nodes of a gn object

mindis8pam: finds the minimum distance between every pair of nodes

modify4gn: interactive modifications of a gn

neighbours8gn: returns the direct parents (or children) of a gn nodes

new8arc: creates an /arc/ with a specified number of nodes and arcs

pam2arc: from the parentship object pam returns the arcs object

pam2gn: from a pam object generates a gn object

pam2path: returns all paths between two nodes

parcours8gn: find the ascendances until blocking

path4gn: reduces the graph to the portion in between two node sets

plot3D8gn: plots an object gn according to its 3 dimensions

plot8cgn: draws nodes and arcs of a gn with already computed xy values

plot8gn: plots an object gn

pos2pos: returns the equivalent pos object with standard view

position4gn: proposes positions for the nodes of a gn object

print8arc: prints an /arc/

print8gn: prints an object gn

print8pam: prints a /pam/

print8pgr: prints the node-variable names

print8pos: prints a /pos/

range8pos: returns the ranges (x,y) for a pos

read8gn: produced a /gn/ from a text file

relation4gn: formats the arc of a gn from a relation matrix

rgn: creates a pseudo-random gn object

rmar4gn: removes a series of arcs from a gn object

rmnd4gn: removes a series of nodes from a gn object

valid8arc: checks a /arc/

valid8gn: checks a /gn/

valid8pam: checks a /pam/

valid8pgr: checks a /pgr/

valid8pos: checks a /pos/

write8gn: writes a /gn/ to file

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