Man pages for gEcon
General Equilibrium Economic Modelling Language and Solution Framework (gEcon)

check_bkBlanchard-Kahn conditions and eigenvalues
compute_irfCompute impulse response functions (IRFs)
compute_model_statsComputation of model statistics
gecon_modelCreate objects of 'gecon_model' class
gecon_model-class'gecon_model' class
gecon-packageGeneral Equilibrium Economic Modelling Language and Solution...
gecon_par_info-class'gecon_par_info' class
gecon_shock_info-class'gecon_shock_info' class
gecon_simulationCreate objects of 'gecon_simulation' class
gecon_simulation-class'gecon_simulation' class
gecon-solution_statusModel solution status
gecon_var_info-class'gecon_var_info' class
get_index_setsList of index sets
get_model_infoAccessing information about the name and the creation date of...
get_model_statsStatistics of the model
get_par_namesAccessing parameter names used by objects of 'gecon_model'...
get_par_names_by_indexParameters corresponding to given indices
get_par_valuesParameters' values
get_pert_solutionRecursive laws of motion of the model's variables
get_residualsRetrieving equations' residuals
get_shock_cov_matAccessing a covariance matrix of model shocks.
get_shock_namesAccessing shock names used by objects of 'gecon_model' class
get_shock_names_by_indexShocks corresponding to given indices
get_simulation_resultsRetrieve time series of simulated variables
get_ss_valuesVariables' steady-state (equilibrium) values
get_var_namesAccessing variables' names used by objects of 'gecon_model'...
get_var_names_by_indexVariables corresponding to given indices
initval_calibr_parSetting initial values of calibrated parameters
initval_varSetting initial values of variables.
is.gecon_modelIs it an object of 'gecon_model' class?
list_calibr_eqList calibrating equations
list_eqList model equations
load_modelLoad model from '.model.R' file
make_modelMake model from '.gcn' file
par_infoInformation about parameters
plot_simulationPlot simulation results stored in an object of...
print-methodsPrint methods for classes in the gEcon package
random_pathSimulation of the model with a random path of shocks
set_free_parSetting free parameters' values
set_shock_cov_matSetting a covariance matrix of stochastic shocks.
set_shock_distr_parSetting distribution parameters of model shocks
shock_infoInformation about shocks
show-methodsShow methods for classes in the gEcon package
simulate_modelSimulation of the model
solve_pertSolve the model in a (log-)linearised form (the first order...
steady_stateCompute the steady state (equilibrium) of a dynamic (static)...
summary-methodsSummary methods for classes in the gEcon package
var_infoInformation about variables
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