gdmplotfromtable: Plotting Generalized Dissimilarity Models

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Gdm.plotfromtable is used to plot a generalized dissimilarity model, specified by giving a gdm model object created with the function gdm.fitfromtable.


gdm.plotfromtable(model, plot.layout = c(2,2),
        plot.color = rgb(0.0,0.0,1.0), plot.linewidth = 2.0)



A gdm model object returned from gdm.fitfromtable


This sets the row and column layout for the predictor plots. Default is 2 rows by 2 columns. To produce one predictor plot per page set plot.layout to c(1,1). The overall model plots are always produced on a single page each i.e. a single page plot of the raw prediction against the observed response data and a single page plot of the predicted data after applying the link function of 1.0 - exp(-y). This layout parameter only affects the layout of the respective plot for those predictors that had featured in the model fitting process.


An RGB vector describing the color of the data points that are plotted for the overall plots. The default is blue (rgb(0.0,0.0,1.0).


A value describing the desired linewidth for the regression over-plotted in the two overall plots to optimise the display of the regression line over the data points.


gdm.plotfromtable returns NULL. use gdm.summaryfromtable to obtain or print a summary of the model object.


## Not run: gdm.plotfromtable(test.mod)
## Not run: gdm.plotfromtable(test.mod,plot.layout=c(3,3))

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