Man pages for glmBfp
Bayesian Fractional Polynomials for GLMs a GlmBayesMfp object into a data frame
boxTidwellBox Tidwell transformation
computeModelsCompute model information for a given list of model...
constructNewdataMatrixConstruct the covariates matrix for new data based on an...
convert2McmcConvert samples to mcmc objects
coxTBFFit Cox models using glmBayesMfp
cppBfgsInterface to the internal C++ optimization routine "bfgs"
cppOptimizeInterface to the internal C++ optimization routine "optimize"
CustomGPriorConstructor for the custom g-prior class
CustomGPrior-classThe custom g-prior class
empiricalHpdConstruct an empirical HPD interval from samples
evalZdensityEvaluate the (negative log) unnormalized marginal z density...
Extract.GlmBayesMfpExtract method for GlmBayesMfp objects
formulaMark a covariate for transformation with fractional...
fpScaleShift and scale a covariate vector (if wished) to have...
fpTransTransform formula variables
getDesignMatrixConstruct the design matrix for a given bfp GLM model
getFamilyHelper function for glmBayesMfp: Extracts an S3 family object
getFpTransformsGet the FP transforms matrix of a given covariate vector
getGeneratorInternal helper function which gets the generator (and...
getLogGPriorHelper function for glmBayesMfp: Returns the normalized log g...
getLogMargLikEstimateCompute the Chib-Jeliazkov log marginal likelihood estimate...
getMarginalZConstruct a (smooth) marginal z density approximation from a...
getModelCoefsEstimate shrunken coefficients from GlmBayesMfp object for...
getUncenteredDesignMatrixConstruct the design matrix for a given bfp GLM model
glmBayesMfpBayesian model inference for fractional polynomial GLMs and...
GlmBayesMfpSamples-classClass for samples from a single GlmBayesMfp model or a model...
GlmBayesMfpSamples-subsettingSubset method for GlmBayesMfpSamples objects
glmBfp-packageBayesian inference for fractional polynomial models from the...
GPrior-classThe virtual g-prior class
HypergPriorConstructor for the hyper-g prior class
HypergPrior-classThe hyper-g prior class
HypergPrior-initializeInitialization method for the "HypergPrior" class
IncInvGammaGPriorConstructor for the incomplete inverse gamma g-prior class
IncInvGammaGPrior-classThe incomplete inverse gamma g-prior class
IncInvGammaGPrior-initializeInitialization method for the "IncInvGammaGPrior" class
inclusionProbsCompute posterior inclusion probabilites based on GlmBayesMfp...
InvGammaGPriorConstructor for the inverse gamma g-prior class
InvGammaGPrior-classThe inverse gamma g-prior class
InvGammaGPrior-initializeInitialization method for the "InvGammaGPrior" class
is.boolPredicate checking for a boolean option
logMargLiksExtract the log marginal likelihood estimates from a...
logPriorsExtract the log prior values from a GlmBayesMfp object
McmcOptionsConstructor for class McmcOptions
McmcOptions-classClass for the three canonical MCMC options
plotCurveEstimateFunction for plotting a fractional polynomial curve estimate
posteriorsExtract posterior model probability estimates from a...
predict.TBFcoxPrediction methods for CoxTBF objects
predict.TBFcox.BMAPrediction methods for CoxTBF objects for BMA models
predict.TBFcox.sepPrediction methods for CoxTBF objects with separate estimates
print.GlmBayesMfpPrint a GlmBayesMfp object.
sampleBmaProduce posterior samples from a Bayesian model average over...
sampleGlmProduce posterior samples from one GLM / Cox model
sampleSizeCompute the number of samples for a given MCMC options triple
scrHpdCalculate an SCB from a samples matrix
SMARTfullImputed and transformed data extract from the SMART study
testCoxTest the Cox model computation for the TBF approach
writeFormulaConstruct a survival formula based on a glmBfp object with...
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