Man pages for gmpm
Generalized Multilevel Permutation Models

fitOnceCall Underlying Regression Function on Original Data
getFactorCodesGet Factor Codes from GMPM Object
getMainSummaryGet Main Summary of Results for GMPM object
getModelFrameGet Model Frame GMPM Object
getNExceedingGet Number of Permutation Runs Equalling or Exceeding...
getPermMxGet the Permutation Matrix from a GMPM object
getPValueGet p-Values from Permutation Matrix
getRegSummaryGet Regression Summary from GMPM
gmpmCreating and Estimating Generalized Multilevel Permutation...
GMPM-classGMPM Model Classes
gmpmCoefGet Parameter Estimates from Original Fit
gmpm-packageGeneralized Multilevel Permutation Models (GMPMs)
GMPMSummary-classClass GMPMSummary
kb07Sample visual world eyetracking data
mdTestMahalanobis Distance Test for GMPMs
Mdtest-classClass "Mdtest" for Mahalanobis Distance Tests
Mdtest.sum-classSummary of Mdtest Object
origFitGet Original Regression Fit
permSpaceCalculate the Number of Possible Permutations
permuteRandomly Permute the Model Frame
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