greenbrown: Land Surface Phenology and Trend Analysis

Collection of functions to analyse trends, trend changes and phenology events in gridded time series like from satellite observations or climate model simulations. The package provides access to different methods for 1) trend and breakpoint analysis, 2) time series smoothing and interpolation, and 3) analysis of land surface phenology.

AuthorMatthias Forkel <> [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-03-06 09:05:33
MaintainerMatthias Forkel <>, Thomas Wutzler <>

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Man pages

AccuracyAssessment: Accuracy assessment from a contingency table

AllEqual: Check if all values in a vector are the same

AllTsteps: Convert an irregular zoo time series to a zoo time series...

AnomaliesFiltersLags: Calculate anomalies, lags and rolling windows

brgr.colors: Brown-to-green color palette for NDVI trend maps

ColorMatrix: Create a square matrix of colors

CompareClassification: Compare two classification maps

CorrectDOY: Correct day-of-year time series

CropNA: Crop outer NA values from a raster

Decompose: Simple decomposition of time series

FillPermanentGaps: Fill permanent gaps in time series

FitDoubleLogBeck: Fit a double logisitic function to a vector according to Beck...

FitDoubleLogElmore: Fit a double logisitic function to a vector according to...

GetInfoVI3g: Get meta-information from GIMMS VI3g binary file names

GetTsStatisticsRaster: Estimate statistical properties of time series in a...

greenbrown-package: Land Surface Phenology and Trend Analysis

Greenup: Identify greenup and senescence periods in time series

InterpolateMatrix: Interpolate NA values in a matrix using a moving mean

IsPermanentGap: Identify if a gap in a time series occurs permanently

Kappa: Calculate the Kappa coefficient of two classifications

KGE: Compute Kling-Gupta efficiency and related metrics of two...

KGERaster: Compute Kling-Gupta efficiency and related metrics of two...

KGETrendUncertainty: Compute uncertainty of Kling-Gupta efficiency based on...

LmSeasonalCycle: Calculate the mean seasonal cycle of a time series based on a...

MapBreakpoints: Plot map of breakpoints

MeanSeasonalCycle: Calculate the mean seasonal cycle of a time series

NamesPhenologyRaster: Get the layer names for a PhenologyRaster raster brick

NamesTrendRaster: Get the layer names for a TrendRaster raster brick

ndvi: Time series of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

ndvimap: Map of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

NoBP: Initialize an empty list with breakpoints

NoTrend: Initialize an empty object of class "Trend"

PhenoDeriv: Method 'Deriv' to calculate phenology metrics

Phenology: Calculate phenology metrics in time series

PhenologyNCDF: Calculate phenology metrics on time series in gridded...

PhenologyRaster: Calculate phenology metrics on time series in gridded...

PhenopixMY: Multi-year phenology analysis using phenopix

PhenoTrs: Method 'Trs' to calculate phenology metrics

plot.CompareClassification: plot a comparison of two classification rasters

PlotPhenCycle: Plot a easonal cycle with phenology metrics

plot.Phenology: Plot time series of phenology metrics

plot.PhenopixMY: Plot multi-year phenopix objects

plot.Trend: Plot trend and breakpoint results

plot.TrendGradient: Plotting function for objects of class TrendGradient

plot.TrendSample: Plot uncertainty of estimated trend dependent on start and...

PolygonNA: Plot a polygon by accounting for NA values (breaks in...

print.Phenology: Prints phenology metrics

print.Trend: Prints trends

ReadVI3g: Read and pre-process GIMMS VI3g binary files

Seasonality: Check a time series for seasonality

SimIAV: Simulate the inter-annual variability component of a...

SimRem: Simulate the short-term variability component of a surrogate...

SimSeas: Simulate the seasonal component of a surrogate time series

SimTrend: Simulate trend and breakpoints of a surrogate time series

SimTs: Simulate surrogate time series

SplitRasterEqually: Splits a raster in equal-area parts

SSASeasonalCycle: Calculate a modulated seasonal cycle of a time series based...

Trend: Calculate trends and trend changes in time series

TrendAAT: Trend estimation based on annual aggregated time series

TrendClassification: Classify a raster in greening and browning trends

TrendGradient: Calculate temporal trends along a spatial gradient

TrendLongestSEG: Extract slope and p-value for the longest time series segment...

TrendNCDF: Calculate trends and trend statistics on time series in...

TrendPoly: Trend estimation based on a 4th order polynomial

TrendRaster: Calculate trends on time series in gridded (raster) data

TrendRQ: Trend estimation based on quantile regression

TrendRunmed: Trend estimation based on a running median

TrendSample: Compute trend statistics by sampling a time series according...

TrendSeasonalAdjusted: Trend estimation based on seasonal-adjusted time series

TrendSegmentsRaster: Identify for each multi-temporal raster layer the number of...

TrendSpline: Trend estimation based on a smoothing splines

TrendSSA: Trend estimation based on SSA (singluar spectrum analysis)

TrendSTL: Trend estimation based on STL (Seasonal Decomposition of Time...

TrendSTM: Trend estimation based on a season-trend model

TrendUncertainty: Compute uncertainties in trend statistics according to...

TSGFdoublelog: Temporal smoothing and gap filling using double logisitic...

TSGFlinear: Temporal smoothing and gap filling using linear interpolation

TSGFphenopix: Temporal smoothing and gap filling using phenopix

TSGFspline: Temporal smoothing and gap filling using splines

TSGFssa: Temporal smoothing and gap filling using singular spectrum...

TSGFstm: Temporal smoothing and gap filling based on a season-trend...

TsPP: Pre-processing of time series

WriteNCDF: Write raster objects to NetCDF files

WriteNCDF4: Write NetCDF files


AccuracyAssessment Man page
AllEqual Man page
AllTsteps Man page
AnomaliesFiltersLags Man page
brgr.colors Man page
ColorMatrix Man page
CompareClassification Man page
CorrectDOY Man page
CropNA Man page
Decompose Man page
FillPermanentGaps Man page
FitDoubleLogBeck Man page
FitDoubleLogElmore Man page
GetInfoVI3g Man page
GetTsStatisticsRaster Man page
greenbrown Man page
greenbrown-package Man page
Greenup Man page
InterpolateMatrix Man page
IsPermanentGap Man page
Kappa Man page
KGE Man page
KGERaster Man page
KGETrendUncertainty Man page
LmSeasonalCycle Man page
MapBreakpoints Man page
MeanSeasonalCycle Man page
NamesPhenologyRaster Man page
NamesTrendRaster Man page
ndvi Man page
ndvimap Man page
NoBP Man page
NoTrend Man page
PhenoDeriv Man page
Phenology Man page
PhenologyNCDF Man page
PhenologyRaster Man page
PhenopixMY Man page
PhenoTrs Man page
plot.CompareClassification Man page
PlotPhenCycle Man page
plot.Phenology Man page
plot.PhenopixMY Man page
plot.Trend Man page
plot.TrendGradient Man page
plot.TrendSample Man page
PolygonNA Man page
print.Phenology Man page
print.Trend Man page
ReadVI3g Man page
Seasonality Man page
SimIAV Man page
SimRem Man page
SimSeas Man page
SimTrend Man page
SimTs Man page
SplitRasterEqually Man page
SSASeasonalCycle Man page
Trend Man page
TrendAAT Man page
TrendClassification Man page
TrendGradient Man page
TrendLongestSEG Man page
TrendNCDF Man page
TrendPoly Man page
TrendRaster Man page
TrendRQ Man page
TrendRunmed Man page
TrendSample Man page
TrendSeasonalAdjusted Man page
TrendSegmentsRaster Man page
TrendSpline Man page
TrendSSA Man page
TrendSTL Man page
TrendSTM Man page
TrendUncertainty Man page
TSGFdoublelog Man page
TSGFlinear Man page
TSGFphenopix Man page
TSGFspline Man page
TSGFssa Man page
TSGFstm Man page
TsPP Man page
WriteNCDF Man page
WriteNCDF4 Man page


greenbrown/R/AccuracyAssessment.R greenbrown/R/AllEqual.R greenbrown/R/AllTsteps.R greenbrown/R/AnomaliesFiltersLags.R greenbrown/R/ColorMatrix.R greenbrown/R/CompareClassification.R greenbrown/R/CorrectDOY.R greenbrown/R/CropNA.R greenbrown/R/Decompose.R greenbrown/R/FillPermanentGap.R greenbrown/R/FitDoubleLogBeck.R greenbrown/R/FitDoubleLogElmore.R greenbrown/R/GetInfoVI3g.R greenbrown/R/GetTsStatistics.R greenbrown/R/Greenup.R greenbrown/R/InterpolateMatrix.R greenbrown/R/KGE.R greenbrown/R/KGERaster.R greenbrown/R/KGETrendUncertainty.R greenbrown/R/Kappa.R greenbrown/R/LmSeasonalCycle.R greenbrown/R/MannKendallSeg.R greenbrown/R/MapBreakpoints.R greenbrown/R/MeanSeasonalCycle.R greenbrown/R/NamesPhenologyRaster.R greenbrown/R/NamesTrendRaster.R greenbrown/R/NoBP.R greenbrown/R/NoTrend.R greenbrown/R/PhenoDeriv.R greenbrown/R/PhenoTrs.R greenbrown/R/Phenology.R greenbrown/R/PhenologyNCDF.R greenbrown/R/PhenologyRaster.R greenbrown/R/PlotPhenCycle.R greenbrown/R/PolygonNA.R greenbrown/R/ReadVI3g.R greenbrown/R/SSASeasonalCycle.R greenbrown/R/Seasonality.R greenbrown/R/SimTs.R greenbrown/R/SplitRasterEqually.R greenbrown/R/TSGFdoublelog.R greenbrown/R/TSGFlinear.R greenbrown/R/TSGFphenopix.R greenbrown/R/TSGFspline.R greenbrown/R/TSGFssa.R greenbrown/R/TSGFstm.R greenbrown/R/Trend.R greenbrown/R/TrendAAT.R greenbrown/R/TrendClassification.R greenbrown/R/TrendGradient.R greenbrown/R/TrendLongestSEG.R greenbrown/R/TrendNCDF.R greenbrown/R/TrendPoly.R greenbrown/R/TrendRQ.R greenbrown/R/TrendRaster.R greenbrown/R/TrendRunmed.R greenbrown/R/TrendSSA.R greenbrown/R/TrendSTL.R greenbrown/R/TrendSTM.R greenbrown/R/TrendSample.R greenbrown/R/TrendSeasonalAdjusted.R greenbrown/R/TrendSegmentsRaster.R greenbrown/R/TrendSpline.R greenbrown/R/TrendUncertainty.R greenbrown/R/TsPP.R greenbrown/R/WriteNCDF.R greenbrown/R/WriteNCDF4.R greenbrown/R/brgr.colors.R greenbrown/R/phenopixMY.R greenbrown/R/plot.CompareClassification.R greenbrown/R/plot.Phenology.R greenbrown/R/plot.PhenopixMY.R greenbrown/R/plot.Trend.R greenbrown/R/plot.TrendGradient.R greenbrown/R/plot.TrendSample.R
greenbrown/inst/genData/ndvi.Rd greenbrown/inst/genData/ndvimap.Rd
greenbrown/man/AccuracyAssessment.Rd greenbrown/man/AllEqual.Rd greenbrown/man/AllTsteps.Rd greenbrown/man/AnomaliesFiltersLags.Rd greenbrown/man/ColorMatrix.Rd greenbrown/man/CompareClassification.Rd greenbrown/man/CorrectDOY.Rd greenbrown/man/CropNA.Rd greenbrown/man/Decompose.Rd greenbrown/man/FillPermanentGaps.Rd greenbrown/man/FitDoubleLogBeck.Rd greenbrown/man/FitDoubleLogElmore.Rd greenbrown/man/GetInfoVI3g.Rd greenbrown/man/GetTsStatisticsRaster.Rd greenbrown/man/Greenup.Rd greenbrown/man/InterpolateMatrix.Rd greenbrown/man/IsPermanentGap.Rd greenbrown/man/KGE.Rd greenbrown/man/KGERaster.Rd greenbrown/man/KGETrendUncertainty.Rd greenbrown/man/Kappa.Rd greenbrown/man/LmSeasonalCycle.Rd greenbrown/man/MapBreakpoints.Rd greenbrown/man/MeanSeasonalCycle.Rd greenbrown/man/NamesPhenologyRaster.Rd greenbrown/man/NamesTrendRaster.Rd greenbrown/man/NoBP.Rd greenbrown/man/NoTrend.Rd greenbrown/man/PhenoDeriv.Rd greenbrown/man/PhenoTrs.Rd greenbrown/man/Phenology.Rd greenbrown/man/PhenologyNCDF.Rd greenbrown/man/PhenologyRaster.Rd greenbrown/man/PhenopixMY.Rd greenbrown/man/PlotPhenCycle.Rd greenbrown/man/PolygonNA.Rd greenbrown/man/ReadVI3g.Rd greenbrown/man/SSASeasonalCycle.Rd greenbrown/man/Seasonality.Rd greenbrown/man/SimIAV.Rd greenbrown/man/SimRem.Rd greenbrown/man/SimSeas.Rd greenbrown/man/SimTrend.Rd greenbrown/man/SimTs.Rd greenbrown/man/SplitRasterEqually.Rd greenbrown/man/TSGFdoublelog.Rd greenbrown/man/TSGFlinear.Rd greenbrown/man/TSGFphenopix.Rd greenbrown/man/TSGFspline.Rd greenbrown/man/TSGFssa.Rd greenbrown/man/TSGFstm.Rd greenbrown/man/Trend.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendAAT.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendClassification.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendGradient.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendLongestSEG.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendNCDF.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendPoly.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendRQ.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendRaster.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendRunmed.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendSSA.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendSTL.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendSTM.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendSample.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendSeasonalAdjusted.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendSegmentsRaster.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendSpline.Rd greenbrown/man/TrendUncertainty.Rd greenbrown/man/TsPP.Rd greenbrown/man/WriteNCDF.Rd greenbrown/man/WriteNCDF4.Rd greenbrown/man/brgr.colors.Rd greenbrown/man/greenbrown-package.Rd greenbrown/man/ndvi.Rd greenbrown/man/ndvimap.Rd greenbrown/man/plot.CompareClassification.Rd greenbrown/man/plot.Phenology.Rd greenbrown/man/plot.PhenopixMY.Rd greenbrown/man/plot.Trend.Rd greenbrown/man/plot.TrendGradient.Rd greenbrown/man/plot.TrendSample.Rd greenbrown/man/print.Phenology.Rd greenbrown/man/print.Trend.Rd

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