highriskzone: Determining and Evaluating High-Risk Zones

Functions for determining and evaluating high-risk zones and simulating and thinning point process data, as described in 'Determining high risk zones using point process methodology - Realization by building an R package' (Seibold, 2012) and 'Determining high-risk zones for unexploded World War II bombs by using point process methodology' (Mahling et al., 2013).

AuthorHeidi Seibold <Heidi.Seibold@uzh.ch>, Monia Mahling <monia.mahling@stat.uni-muenchen.de>, Sebastian Linne <Sebastian.Linne@campus.lmu.de>
Date of publication2016-03-10 15:38:04
MaintainerHeidi Seibold <Heidi.Seibold@uzh.ch>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

bootcor: Bootstrap correction to obtain desired failure probability

bootcorr: Bootstrap correction to obtain desired failure probability

bootcor_restr: Bootstrap correction to obtain desired failure probability

check_det_hrz_input: Checks the arguments of det_hrz

craterA: Bomb crater Point Pattern

craterB: Bomb crater Point Pattern

det_alpha: calculation of alpha (failure probability), when having the...

det_area: Calculation of the area of the high-risk zone.

det_hrz: Determination of the high-risk zone.

det_hrz_restr: Determination of the high-risk zone.

det_nnarea: Determination of the area of a high-risk zone using the...

det_nsintens: Determination of the intensity for the Neyman Scott...

det_nsintens_restr: Determination of the intensity for the Neyman-Scott...

det_radius: Determination of the nearest-neighbour distance which results...

det_threshold: Calculation of the threshold c, when having failure...

det_thresholdfromarea: Determination of alpha and the threshold c which results in a...

est_intens: Estimates the intensity of the point pattern.

est_intens_spde: Estimates the intensity of the point pattern by using the...

est_intens_weight: Estimates the intensity of the point pattern.

eval_hrz: Evaluation of the high-risk zone.

eval_method: Evaluation of the procedures determining the high-risk zone.

highriskzone-package: Determining high-risk zones by using spatial point process...

plot.bootcorr: Visualize the bootstrap correction for a high-risk zone.

plot.highriskzone: Plot a high-risk zone

plot.hrzeval: Visualize the evaluation of a high-risk zone.

print.bootcorr: Print Brief Details of a bootstrap correction for a high-risk...

print.highriskzone: Print Brief Details of a high-risk zone

print.hrzeval: Print Brief Details of an evaluation of a high-risk zone

read_pppdata: Read data, so it can be used for high-risk zone methodology.

sim_intens: Simulation on given intensity

sim_nsppp: Generation of a realisation of a Neyman-Scott process

sim_nsprocess: Simulation of the Neyman-Scott process.

summary.bootcorr: Summary of a the bootstrap correction for a high-risk zone

summary.highriskzone: Summary of a high-risk zone

summary.hrzeval: Summary of a the evaluation of a high-risk zone

thin: Thinning of the observations (for evaluating the method)


bootcor Man page
bootcorr Man page
bootcor_restr Man page
check_det_hrz_input Man page
craterA Man page
craterB Man page
det_alpha Man page
det_area Man page
det_hrz Man page
det_hrz_restr Man page
det_nnarea Man page
det_nsintens Man page
det_nsintens_restr Man page
det_radius Man page
det_threshold Man page
det_thresholdfromarea Man page
est_intens Man page
est_intens_spde Man page
est_intens_weight Man page
eval_hrz Man page
eval_method Man page
highriskzone Man page
highriskzone.object Man page
highriskzone-package Man page
package-highriskzone Man page
plot.bootcorr Man page
plot.highriskzone Man page
plot.hrzeval Man page
print.bootcorr Man page
print.highriskzone Man page
print.hrzeval Man page
read_pppdata Man page
sim_intens Man page
sim_nsppp Man page
sim_nsprocess Man page
summary.bootcorr Man page
summary.highriskzone Man page
summary.hrzeval Man page
thin Man page


highriskzone/R/bootcorrect.R highriskzone/R/bootcorrect_restr.R highriskzone/R/data.R highriskzone/R/dethrz.R highriskzone/R/dethrz_restr.R highriskzone/R/dethrzbase.R highriskzone/R/detnsintens_restr.R highriskzone/R/est_intens_spde.R highriskzone/R/estintens.R highriskzone/R/estintens_weight.R highriskzone/R/evalhrz.R highriskzone/R/evalmethod.R highriskzone/R/genericbootcorr.R highriskzone/R/genericevalhrz.R highriskzone/R/generichrz.R highriskzone/R/highriskzone-package.R highriskzone/R/readpppdata.R highriskzone/R/simulationbase.R
highriskzone/man/bootcor.Rd highriskzone/man/bootcor_restr.Rd highriskzone/man/bootcorr.Rd highriskzone/man/check_det_hrz_input.Rd highriskzone/man/craterA.Rd highriskzone/man/craterB.Rd highriskzone/man/det_alpha.Rd highriskzone/man/det_area.Rd highriskzone/man/det_hrz.Rd highriskzone/man/det_hrz_restr.Rd highriskzone/man/det_nnarea.Rd highriskzone/man/det_nsintens.Rd highriskzone/man/det_nsintens_restr.Rd highriskzone/man/det_radius.Rd highriskzone/man/det_threshold.Rd highriskzone/man/det_thresholdfromarea.Rd highriskzone/man/est_intens.Rd highriskzone/man/est_intens_spde.Rd highriskzone/man/est_intens_weight.Rd highriskzone/man/eval_hrz.Rd highriskzone/man/eval_method.Rd highriskzone/man/highriskzone-package.Rd highriskzone/man/plot.bootcorr.Rd highriskzone/man/plot.highriskzone.Rd highriskzone/man/plot.hrzeval.Rd highriskzone/man/print.bootcorr.Rd highriskzone/man/print.highriskzone.Rd highriskzone/man/print.hrzeval.Rd highriskzone/man/read_pppdata.Rd highriskzone/man/sim_intens.Rd highriskzone/man/sim_nsppp.Rd highriskzone/man/sim_nsprocess.Rd highriskzone/man/summary.bootcorr.Rd highriskzone/man/summary.highriskzone.Rd highriskzone/man/summary.hrzeval.Rd highriskzone/man/thin.Rd

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