inspectr: Storing, manipulating and analysis spectroscopy and associated data in R.

Stores and eases the manipulation of spectra and associated data, with dedicated classes for spatial and soil-related datasets.

AuthorPierre Roudier <>
Date of publication2014-05-12 03:15:43
MaintainerPierre Roudier <>

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Man pages

aggregate_spectra: Aggregates spectral and data information

apply_spectra: Apply a function on the spectra of a Spectra* object

australia: Australia spectra library data set

baseline: Baseline correction using the baseline package

big.head: Return the First or Last Part of an Object

continuum_removal: Continuum removal

coordinates: Sets spatial coordinates to create 'SpatialSpectraDataFrame'...

cut: Manipulating the wavelength range of a 'Spectra' object

extract: Extracting and replacing parts of Spectra* objects

features: Retrieves or sets the data slot of a SpectraDataFrame object.

fill_spectra: Fill missing wavelengths of a Spectra* object with a given...

ids: Retrieves or sets the ids of a 'Spectra*' object.

kenstone: Kennard-Stone algorithm for optimal calibration set...

melt_spectra: melt_spectra

mutate: Mutate a Spectra* object by transforming the spectra values,...

nrow: Retrieve dimensions of Spectra* objects

plot.Spectra: Plots an object inheriting from the Spectra class

rbind: Stacking 'Spectra' objects together

separate: Separates a 'Spectra*' object into a calibration and a...

snv: Standard and Robust Normal Variate transformations

SpatialSpectraDataFrame: Constructor for the SpatialSpectraDataFrame class.

Spectra: Constructor for the Spectra class.

Spectra-classes: Spectra* classes

SpectraDataFrame: Constructor for the SpectraDataFrame class.

spectra-methods: Retrieves or sets the spectra of a 'Spectra*' objects.

splice: "Splicing" and interpolation of spectra

split: Split a Spectra* object using factors

subset: Subset SpectraDataFrame object

summary: Summary

wl-methods: Retrieves or sets the wavelengths of a 'Spectra*' object.

wl_units: Wavelengths of Spectra* objects


[ Man page
[<- Man page
[[ Man page
[[<- Man page
$ Man page
$<- Man page
aggregate_spectra Man page
aggregate_spectra,SpectraDataFrame-method Man page
aggregate_spectra,Spectra-method Man page
apply_spectra Man page Man page Man page Man page
australia Man page
base_line Man page
base_line,Spectra-method Man page
big.head Man page
big.head Man page
big.tail Man page
big.tail Man page
continuum_removal Man page
coordinates<- Man page
coordinates<-,SpectraDataFrame-method Man page
cut Man page
cut,Spectra-method Man page
dim Man page
dim.Spectra Man page
features Man page
features<- Man page
features-methods Man page
features<-,SpectraDataFrame-method Man page
features,SpectraDataFrame-method Man page
features<-,Spectra-method Man page
fill_spectra Man page
ids Man page
ids<- Man page
ids<-,SpectraDataFrame-method Man page
ids<-,Spectra-method Man page
ids,Spectra-method Man page
inspectr Man page
kenstone Man page
kenstone,Spectra-method Man page
length Man page
length.Spectra Man page
melt_spectra Man page
melt_spectra-methods Man page
melt_spectra,SpectraDataFrame-method Man page
melt_spectra,Spectra-method Man page
mutate Man page
mutate.Spectra Man page
mutate,Spectra-method Man page
names<-.SpectraDataFrame Man page
names.SpectraDataFrame Man page
ncol,Spectra-method Man page
nrow,Spectra-method Man page
plot_offset Man page
plot_offset,Spectra-method Man page
plot.Spectra Man page
plot,Spectra,ANY-method Man page
plot_stack Man page
plot_stack,Spectra-method Man page
plot_summary Man page
plot_summary,Spectra-method Man page
print,Spectra-method Man page
print.summary.Spectra Man page
rbind.Spectra Man page
rbind.SpectraDataFrame Man page
res Man page
res.integer Man page
res,integer-method Man page
res.numeric Man page
res,numeric-method Man page
res.Spectra Man page
res,Spectra-method Man page
rnv Man page
separate Man page
separate.Spectra Man page
separate,Spectra-method Man page
show,Spectra-method Man page
snv Man page
SpatialSpectra-class Man page
SpatialSpectraDataFrame Man page
SpatialSpectraDataFrame-class Man page
spectra Man page
spectra<- Man page
Spectra Man page
[,Spectra,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
[[<-,Spectra,ANY,missing-method Man page
Spectra-class Man page
SpectraDataFrame Man page
[,SpectraDataFrame,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
[[,SpectraDataFrame,ANY,missing-method Man page
SpectraDataFrame-class Man page
spectra<-,data.frame-method Man page
[<-,SpectraDataFrame-method Man page
$,SpectraDataFrame-method Man page
$<-,Spectra-method Man page
spectra<-,SpectraDataFrame-method Man page
spectra<-,Spectra-method Man page
spectra,Spectra-method Man page
splice,Spectra-method Man page
"Splicing" and interpolation Man page
split Man page
split.Spectra Man page
split,Spectra-method Man page
subset Man page
subset.SpectraDataFrame Man page
subset,SpectraDataFrame-method Man page
summary.Spectra Man page
wl Man page
wl<- Man page
wl<-,data.frame-method Man page
wl<-,Spectra-method Man page
wl,Spectra-method Man page
wl_units Man page
wl_units<- Man page
wl_units<-,Spectra-method Man page
wl_units,Spectra-method Man page

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