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Reads USRTRACK output (for energy spectra scoring using fluscw.SPC.f) for a series of regions, also for multiple output files from cluster runs (using USRTRACK scores the fluence per primary weight per bin width(cm-2/GeV) but only if the correct volume of the corresponding regions is given in the FLUKA input card! will however out the absolute fluence for each energy bin (in cm-2) as this can be directly used by libamtrack.


2, number.of.runs, unit, data.source =
 'local', compress = TRUE)


Experiment name, i.e. name of input file (without '.inp' extension)


Number of output files from parallel (cluster) runs.


FLUKA output unit number


'local' if output files are from a local machine, 'condor' if from condor cluster, 'condor_cleaned' if from condor cluster with clean option (-c) in


If TRUE, all entries with zero fluence will be removed from resulting data frame in order to save memory.


Data frame with midpoints and widths of energy bins, particle index no, and fluence (absolute [cm-2], i.e. not normalized to bin width!) for each region.


# None yet, requires FLUKA output file

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