lqmm: Linear Quantile Mixed Models

This is a collection of functions to fit quantile regression models for independent and hierarchical data.

AuthorMarco Geraci
Date of publication2015-09-17 17:00:41
MaintainerMarco Geraci <geraci@mailbox.sc.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

boot: Bootstrap functions for LQM and LQMM

coef.lqm: Extract LQM Coefficients

coef.lqmm: Extract LQMM Coefficients

covHandling: Variance-Covariance Matrix

dal: The Asymmetric Laplace Distribution

extractBoot: Extract Fixed and Random Bootstrapped Parameters

gauss.quad: Gaussian Quadrature

gauss.quad.prob: Gaussian Quadrature

is.positive.definite: Test for Positive Definiteness

labor: Labor Pain Data

logLik.lqm: Extract Log-Likelihood

logLik.lqmm: Extract Log-Likelihood

lqm: Fitting Linear Quantile Models

lqmControl: Control parameters for lqm estimation

lqm.counts: Quantile Regression for Counts

lqm.fit.gs: Quantile Regression Fitting by Gradient Search

lqmm: Fitting Linear Quantile Mixed Models

lqmmControl: Control parameters for lqmm estimation

lqmm.fit.df: Linear Quantile Mixed Models Fitting by Derivative-Free...

lqmm.fit.gs: Linear Quantile Mixed Models Fitting by Gradient Search

lqmm-internal: Internal lqmm objects

lqmm-package: Linear Quantile Models and Linear Quantile Mixed Models

make.positive.definite: Compute Nearest Positive Definite Matrix

meanAL: Functions for Asymmetric Laplace Distribution Parameters

mleAL: Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Asymmetric Laplace...

Orthodont: Growth curve data on an orthdontic measurement

predict.lqm: Predictions from LQM Objects

predict.lqmm: Predictions from an 'lqmm' Object

print.lqm: Print LQM Objects

print.lqmm: Print an 'lqmm' Object

print.summary.lqm: Print an 'lqm' Summary Object

print.summary.lqmm: Print an 'lqmm' Summary Object

ranef: Extract Random Effects

residuals.lqm: Residuals from an LQM Objects

residuals.lqmm: Residuals from an 'lqmm' Object

summary.boot.lqm: Summary for a 'boot.lqm' Object

summary.boot.lqmm: Summary for a 'boot.lqmm' Object

summary.lqm: Summary for an 'lqm' Object

summary.lqmm: Summary for an 'lqmm' Object

VarCorr: Extract Variance-Covariance Matrix

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