VarCorr: Extract Variance-Covariance Matrix

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This function extracts the variance-covariance matrix of the random effects from a fitted lqmm object.


## S3 method for class 'lqmm'
VarCorr(x, sigma = NULL, rdig = NULL)



an object of class "lqmm".

sigma, rdig

not used.


This function returns the variance or the variance-covariance matrix of the random effects. It calls covHandling to manage the output of or A post-fitting approximation to the nearest positive (semi)definite matrix (Higham, 2002) is applied if necessary. The generic function VarCorr is imported from the nlme package (Pinheiro et al, 2014).


Marco Geraci


Higham N (2002). Computing the Nearest Correlation Matrix - A Problem from Finance. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 22, 329-343.

Pinheiro J, Bates D, DebRoy S, Sarkar D and R Core Team (2014). nlme: Linear and Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models. R package version 3.1-117,

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