marelac: Tools for Aquatic Sciences

Datasets, constants, conversion factors, and utilities for 'MArine', 'Riverine', 'Estuarine', 'LAcustrine' and 'Coastal' science. The package contains among others: (1) chemical and physical constants and datasets, e.g. atomic weights, gas constants, the earths bathymetry; (2) conversion factors (e.g. gram to mol to liter, barometric units, temperature, salinity); (3) physical functions, e.g. to estimate concentrations of conservative substances, gas transfer and diffusion coefficients, the Coriolis force and gravity; (4) thermophysical properties of the seawater, as from the UNESCO polynomial or from the more recent derivation based on a Gibbs function.

AuthorKarline Soetaert <>, Thomas Petzoldt <>, Filip Meysman <>
Date of publication2016-09-09 08:42:11
MaintainerKarline Soetaert <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

air_density: Air Density

air_spechum: Air specific humidity

AtmComp: Atmospheric Gas Composition

AtomicWeight: The Atomic Weights of Chemical Elements

Bathymetry: World Bathymetric Data

Constants: Useful Physical and Chemical Constants

convert_p: Conversion Between Different Barometric Units

convert_RtoS: Conductivity-Salinity Conversion

convert_salinity: Practical - Absolute Salinity Conversions

convert_StoCl: Salinity-Chlorinity Conversion

convert_StoR: Salinity-Conductivity Conversion

convert_T: Conversion Between Different Temperature Units

coriolis: The Coriolis Force as a Function of Latitude

diffcoeff: Molecular Diffusion Coefficients

earth_surf: Surface of 1 dg by 1 dg Cells of the Earth

gas_O2sat: Saturation Concentration of Oxygen in Water

gas_satconc: Saturated Concentrations of Gases in Water

gas_schmidt: The Schmidt Number for Gases in Seawater

gas_solubility: Solubility Parameters

gas_transfer: The Gas Transfer Coefficient in m/sec

gravity: Gravity on Earth

marelac: Tools for Aquatic Sciences

marelac-internal: Internal Functions of the marelac Package

molvol: Mol to Liter Conversion for a Gas

molweight: Molecular Weight of a Chemical Species

Oceans: Useful Characteristics of the Oceans

redfield: Redfield Ratio Calculator

ssd2rad: Estimate Global Radiation from Measured Sunshine Duration...

sw_adtgrad: Adiabatic Temperature Gradient in Seawater

sw_alpha: Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Seawater

sw_beta: Haline Contraction Coefficient of Seawater

sw_comp: Reference Sea Salt Composition

sw_conserv: Concentrations of (Conservative) Species in Seawater

sw_cp: Heat Capacity of Sea Water

sw_dens: Density of Sea Water

sw_depth: Water Depth

sw_enthalpy: Specific Enthalpy of Seawater

sw_entropy: Specific Entropy of Seawater

sw_gibbs: Gibbs Function of Seawater

sw_kappa: Isentropic Compressibility of Seawater

sw_kappa_t: Isothermal Compressibility of Seawater

sw_sfac: Salinity conversion factors

sw_svel: Velocity of the Sound in Seawater

sw_tfreeze: Freezing Temperature of Seawater

sw_tpot: Potential Temperature of Seawater

vapor: Saturation Water Vapor Pressure

vapor.hPa: Vapor Pressure

vertmean: Vertical Volume Weighted Mean of Matter Concentrations in...

viscosity: Shear Viscosity of Water


air_density Man page
air_spechum Man page
atmComp Man page
atomicweight Man page
AtomicWeight Man page
AtomicWeightIUPAC Man page
Bathymetry Man page
Constants Man page
convert_AStoPS Man page
convert_p Man page
convert_PStoAS Man page
convert_RtoS Man page
convert_StoCl Man page
convert_StoR Man page
convert_T Man page
coriolis Man page
diffcoeff Man page
earth_dist Man page
earth_surf Man page
gas_O2sat Man page
gas_satconc Man page
gas_schmidt Man page
gas_solubility Man page
gas_transfer Man page
gravity Man page
marelac Man page
marelac-package Man page
molvol Man page
molweight Man page
Oceans Man page
redfield Man page
rhoH2O_Chen Man page
ssd2rad Man page
sw_adtgrad Man page
sw_alpha Man page
sw_beta Man page
sw_comp Man page
sw_conserv Man page
sw_cp Man page
sw_dens Man page
sw_depth Man page
sw_enthalpy Man page
sw_entropy Man page
sw_gibbs Man page
sw_kappa Man page
sw_kappa_t Man page
sw_sfac Man page
sw_svel Man page
sw_tfreeze Man page
sw_tpot Man page
vapor Man page
vapor.hPa Man page
vertmean Man page
viscosity Man page
waalscoef Man page


marelac/R/aaa.R marelac/R/air.R marelac/R/atmComp.R marelac/R/convert_PStoAS.R marelac/R/convert_RtoS.R marelac/R/convert_StoCl.R marelac/R/convert_StoR.R marelac/R/convert_T.R marelac/R/convert_p.R marelac/R/coriolis.R marelac/R/diffcoeff.R marelac/R/earth_surf.R marelac/R/gas_O2sat.R marelac/R/gas_satconc.R marelac/R/gas_schmidt.R marelac/R/gas_solubility.R marelac/R/gas_transfer.R marelac/R/gravity.R marelac/R/molvol.R marelac/R/molweight.R marelac/R/redfield.R marelac/R/ssd2rad.R marelac/R/sw_adtgrad.R marelac/R/sw_alpha.R marelac/R/sw_beta.R marelac/R/sw_comp.R marelac/R/sw_conserv.R marelac/R/sw_cp.R marelac/R/sw_dens.R marelac/R/sw_depth.R marelac/R/sw_enthalpy.R marelac/R/sw_entropy.R marelac/R/sw_gibbs.R marelac/R/sw_kappa.R marelac/R/sw_kappa_t.R marelac/R/sw_tfreeze.R marelac/R/sw_tpot.R marelac/R/sw_vel.R marelac/R/utilities.R marelac/R/vapor.R marelac/R/vertmean.R marelac/R/viscosity.R marelac/R/xcbind.R
marelac/man/AtmComp.Rd marelac/man/AtomicWeight.Rd marelac/man/Bathymetry.Rd marelac/man/Constants.Rd marelac/man/Oceans.Rd marelac/man/air_density.Rd marelac/man/air_spechum.Rd marelac/man/convert_RtoS.Rd marelac/man/convert_StoCl.Rd marelac/man/convert_StoR.Rd marelac/man/convert_T.Rd marelac/man/convert_p.Rd marelac/man/convert_salinity.Rd marelac/man/coriolis.Rd marelac/man/diffcoeff.Rd marelac/man/earth_surf.Rd marelac/man/gas_O2sat.Rd marelac/man/gas_satconc.Rd marelac/man/gas_schmidt.Rd marelac/man/gas_solubility.Rd marelac/man/gas_transfer.Rd marelac/man/gravity.Rd marelac/man/marelac-internal.Rd marelac/man/marelac.Rd marelac/man/molvol.Rd marelac/man/molweight.Rd marelac/man/redfield.Rd marelac/man/ssd2rad.Rd marelac/man/sw_adtgrad.Rd marelac/man/sw_alpha.Rd marelac/man/sw_beta.Rd marelac/man/sw_comp.Rd marelac/man/sw_conserv.Rd marelac/man/sw_cp.Rd marelac/man/sw_dens.Rd marelac/man/sw_depth.Rd marelac/man/sw_enthalpy.Rd marelac/man/sw_entropy.Rd marelac/man/sw_gibbs.Rd marelac/man/sw_kappa.Rd marelac/man/sw_kappa_t.Rd marelac/man/sw_sfac.Rd marelac/man/sw_svel.Rd marelac/man/sw_tfreeze.Rd marelac/man/sw_tpot.Rd marelac/man/vapor.Rd marelac/man/vapor.hPa.Rd marelac/man/vertmean.Rd marelac/man/viscosity.Rd

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