Man pages for maxLik
Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Related Tools

activeParfree parameters under maximisation
bread.maxLikBread for Sandwich Estimator
compareDerivativesfunction to compare analytic and numeric derivatives
condiNumberPrint matrix condition numbers column-by-column
fnSubsetCall fnFull with variable and fixed parameters
gradientExtract Gradients Evaluated at each Observation
hessianHessian matrix
logLik.maxLikReturn the log likelihood value
maxBFGSBFGS, conjugate gradient, SANN and Nelder-Mead Maximization
maxControlClass '"MaxControl"'
maximTypeType of Minimization/Maximization
maxLikMaximum likelihood estimation
maxLik-internalInternal maxLik Functions
maxLik-methodsMethods for the various standard functions
maxLik-packageMaximum Likelihood Estimation
maxNRNewton- and Quasi-Newton Maximization
maxValueFunction value at maximum
nIterReturn number of iterations for iterative models
nObsNumber of Observations
nParamNumber of model parameters
numericGradientFunctions to Calculate Numeric Derivatives
objectiveFnOptimization Objective Function
returnCodeSuccess or failure of the optimization
summary.maximSummary method for maximization
summary.maxLiksummary the Maximum-Likelihood estimation
sumtEquality-constrained optimization
vcov.maxLikVariance Covariance Matrix of maxLik objects
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