mc2d: Tools for Two-Dimensional Monte-Carlo Simulations

A complete framework to build and study Two-Dimensional Monte-Carlo simulations, aka Second-Order Monte-Carlo simulations. Also includes various distributions (pert, triangular, Bernoulli, empirical discrete and continuous).

AuthorRegis Pouillot [aut, cre], Marie-Laure Delignette-Muller [ctb], Jean-Baptiste Denis [ctb]
Date of publication2017-03-03 15:01:19
MaintainerRegis Pouillot <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

bernoulli: The Bernoulli Distribution

betagen: The Generalised Beta Distribution

converg: Graph of Running Statistics in the Variability or in the...

cornode: Builds a Rank Correlation using the Iman and Connover Method.

dimmcnode: Dimension of mcnode and mc Objects

dirichlet: The Dirichlet Distribution

dmultinomial: The Vectorized Multinomial Distribution

ec: An exemple on Escherichia coli in ground beef

empiricalC: The Continuous Empirical Distribution

empiricalD: The Discrete Empirical Distribution

evalmcmod: Evaluates a Monte-Carlo model

extractvar: Utilities for multivariate nodes Histogram of a Monte Carlo Simulation Tests mc and mcnode Objects

lhs: Random Latin Hypercube Sampling

mc: Monte Carlo Object

mcapply: Apply Functions Over mc or mcnode Objects

mc.control: Sets or Gets the Default Number of Simulations.

mccut: Evaluates a Two-Dimensional Monte Carlo Model in a Loop.

mcmodel: Monte Carlo model

mcnode: Build mcnode Objects from Data or other mcnode Objects

mcprobtree: Creates a Stochastic mcnode Object using a Probability Tree

mcratio: Ratio of uncertainty and the variability

mcstoc: Creates Stochastic mcnode Objects

multinormal: The Vectorized Multivariate Random Deviates

NA.mcnode: Finite, Infinite, NA and NaN Numbers in mcnode.

Ops.mcnode: Operations on mcnode Objects

outm: Output of Nodes

pert: The (Modified) PERT Distribution Plots Results of a Monte Carlo Simulation

plot.tornado: Draws a Tornado chart.

pmin: Maxima and Minima for mcnodes Prints a mcnode or a mc Object Quantiles of a mc Object

rtrunc: Random Truncated Distributions Summary of mcnode and mc Object

tornado: Computes Correlation between Inputs and Output in a mc Object...

tornadounc: Computes Correlation between Inputs and Output in a mc Object...

total: An Exemple of all Kind of mcnode

triangular: The Triangular Distribution

typemcnode: Provides the Type of a mcnode Object

unmc: Unclasses the mc or the mcnode Object


addvar Man page
bernoulli Man page
betagen Man page
converg Man page
cornode Man page
dbern Man page
dbetagen Man page
ddirichlet Man page
dempiricalC Man page
dempiricalD Man page
dimmc Man page
dimmcnode Man page
dirichlet Man page
dmultinomial Man page
dmultinormal Man page
dpert Man page
dtriang Man page
ec Man page
empiricalC Man page
empiricalD Man page
evalmccut Man page
evalmcmod Man page
extractvar Man page Man page
hist.mcnode Man page
is.finite.mcnode Man page
is.infinite.mcnode Man page Man page
is.mcnode Man page Man page
is.nan.mcnode Man page
lhs Man page
mc Man page
mcapply Man page
mc.control Man page
mccut Man page
mcdata Man page
mcdatanocontrol Man page
mcmodel Man page
mcmodelcut Man page
mcnode Man page
mcprobtree Man page
mcratio Man page
mcstoc Man page
modEC1 Man page
modEC2 Man page
multinormal Man page
NA.mcnode Man page
ndunc Man page
ndvar Man page
Ops.mcnode Man page
outm Man page
pbern Man page
pbetagen Man page
pempiricalC Man page
pempiricalD Man page
pert Man page Man page
plot.mccut Man page
plot.mcnode Man page
plot.plotmc Man page
plot.tornado Man page
plot.tornadounc Man page
pmax Man page
pmax.default Man page
pmax.mcnode Man page
pmin Man page
pmin.default Man page
pmin.mcnode Man page
ppert Man page Man page
print.mccut Man page
print.mcnode Man page Man page
print.tornado Man page
print.tornadounc Man page
ptriang Man page
qbern Man page
qbetagen Man page
qempiricalC Man page
qempiricalD Man page
qpert Man page
qtriang Man page Man page
quantile.mcnode Man page
rbern Man page
rbetagen Man page
rdirichlet Man page
rempiricalC Man page
rempiricalD Man page
rmultinomial Man page
rmultinormal Man page
rpert Man page
rtriang Man page
rtrunc Man page Man page
summary.mccut Man page
summary.mcnode Man page
tornado Man page
tornadounc Man page
tornadounc.default Man page Man page
tornadounc.mccut Man page
total Man page
triangular Man page
typemcnode Man page
unmc Man page
x0 Man page
x0M Man page
xU Man page
xUM Man page
xV Man page
xVM Man page
xVU Man page
xVUM Man page
xVUM2 Man page
xVUM3 Man page


R/Ops.mcnode.R R/bern.R R/betagen.R R/converg.R R/cornode.R R/empiricalC.R R/empiricalD.R R/evalmccut.R R/evalmcmod.R R/extractvar.R R/ R/ R/ R/lhs.R R/mc.R R/mcapply.R R/mccontrol.R R/mcdata.R R/mcdatanocontrol.R R/mcmodel.R R/mcmodelcut.R R/mcprobtree.R R/mcratio.R R/mcstoc.R R/outm.R R/pert.R R/ R/plot.mccut.R R/plot.tornado.R R/pmin.R R/ R/print.mccut.R R/ R/rdirichlet.R R/rmultinomial.R R/rmultinormal.R R/rtrunc.R R/ R/summary.mccut.R R/tornado.R R/ R/tornadounc.mccut.R R/triang.R R/unmc.R
man/NA.mcnode.Rd man/Ops.mcnode.Rd man/bernoulli.Rd man/betagen.Rd man/converg.Rd man/cornode.Rd man/dimmcnode.Rd man/dirichlet.Rd man/dmultinomial.Rd man/ec.Rd man/empiricalC.Rd man/empiricalD.Rd man/evalmcmod.Rd man/extractvar.Rd man/ man/ man/lhs.Rd man/mc.Rd man/mc.control.Rd man/mcapply.Rd man/mccut.Rd man/mcmodel.Rd man/mcnode.Rd man/mcprobtree.Rd man/mcratio.Rd man/mcstoc.Rd man/multinormal.Rd man/outm.Rd man/pert.Rd man/ man/plot.tornado.Rd man/pmin.Rd man/ man/ man/rtrunc.Rd man/ man/tornado.Rd man/tornadounc.Rd man/total.Rd man/triangular.Rd man/typemcnode.Rd man/unmc.Rd

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