Catheter: The Catheter Segment Culture data.

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The Cathether dataset is a collection of studies which studied semi-quantitative (19 studies) and quantitative (14 studies) catheter segment culture for the diagnosis of intravascular device-related blood stream infection.




A data frame with 33 rows and 8 columns. Each row provides data for one study. The columns are "studynames", which indicates the name of studies; "type", which indicates the study quality; "prevalence", which denotes the study disease prevalence and is considered as a continuous covariate here; "TP", "FP", "TN" and "FN", which are the observations of this dataset and must be given.


Chu, Haitao, Hongfei Guo, and Yijie Zhou. "Bivariate Random Effects Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Studies Using Generalized Linear Mixed Models." Medical Decision Making 30.4 (2010): 499-508.



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