Man pages for mi
Missing Data Imputation and Model Checking

CHAINSubset of variables from the CHAIN project, a longitudinal...
convergence.plotConvergence Plot of mi Object
miMultiple Iterative Regression Imputation
mi.binaryElementary function: Bayesian logistic regression to impute a...
mi.categoricalElementary function: multinomial log-linear models to impute...
mi.completedMultiply Imputed Dataframes
mi.continuousElementary function: linear regression to impute a continuous...
mi.countElementary function: Bayesian overdispersed poisson...
mi.fixedElementary function: imputation of constant variable.
mi.histMultiple Imputation Histogram
mi.infoFunction to create information matrix for missing data... to update object to use for multiple...
mi.methodVirtual class for all mi classes.
mi.pmmElementary function: Predictive Mean Matching for imputation.
mi.polrElementary function: multinomial log-linear models to impute...
mi.pooledModeling Functions for Multiply Imputed Dataset
mi.preprocessPreproessing and Postprocessing mi data object
mi.scatterplotMultiple Imputation Scatterplot
missing.pattern.plotMissing Pattern Plot
noise.controlAuxiliary for Adding Priors to Missing Data Imputation
plot.miDiagnostic Plots for multiple imputation object
random.impRandom Imputation of Missing Data
typecastVariables type
type.modelsFunctions to identify types of the models of the mi object
write.miWrites mi impuations to file
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